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Glass Bottom Boat, Explore Bermuda's Reefs

Duration: Half Day

glass bottom boat, explore bermuda's reefs

Situated off America’s north east coast, approximately 650 miles from North Carolina, Bermuda is a subtropical archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, comprising 138 islands rather than a single island as it is often referred as. Renowned for its paradise pink-sand beaches and beautiful crystalline waters, which host an abundance of marine life, Bermuda is a popular holiday destination for sun seekers and diving enthusiasts. For those looking to explore the natural beauty of Bermuda, both above and below the water, this exciting glass bottom boat tour is an adventure not to be missed.

Departing from the pier in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, you will be taken out onto the Atlantic Ocean via a glass bottom boat, which offers one of the largest viewing areas found on this type of boat trip. Watch the beautiful clear turquoise waters stretching from island to island as we sail leisurely away from Hamilton’s picturesque natural harbour, past colourful waterfront homes and along Bermuda’s scenic coast.

Marvel at the stunning natural aquarium beneath you as we cruise gently over fragile shallow reefs, enabling you to get close to a myriad of brightly-coloured corals, tropical fish and other spectacular marine species during your journey. Bermuda’s ocean life is similar to the Caribbean’s, despite the waters being cooler here. This section of the Atlantic Ocean is actually warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream flowing up from the Caribbean, which explains the diversity and abundance of marine species. Not all species can survive in the cooler Atlantic waters, but you will still see plenty of tropical marine life living in and around the coral reefs. Angel fish, butterfly fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, spiny lobsters and octopus are just some of the creatures to look out for on your trip.

During your cruise you will also learn about Bermuda’s fascinating culture and history from the friendly and knowledgeable crew members, and gain an insight into the Bermudian people’s relaxed way of life. One of the highlights of this tour will be feeding the fish, where you will have the opportunity to join in and help. On the return journey back to Hamilton Harbour, look out for sea turtles as they swim along the surface and pop their heads out of the water. They can often be spotted on boat trips around Bermuda’s islands.

This excursion is a wonderful way to observe the beauty of the ocean’s treasures from the eyes of a scuba diver during your holiday in Bermuda − without getting wet!

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