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Over Day to Luxor

Duration: Full Day

over day to luxor

Step back over 4000 years in time to an era of great splendour, wealth and power as you visit some of Egypt’s most awe-inspiring historical treasures. Exploring the magnificent city of Luxor during your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh will enable you to discover some of the most important archeological wonders of the world. The Valley of Kings, Valley of the Queens, Tutankhamen’s tomb and the grand Luxor Temple are just some of the tour highlights.

Your day will begin by taking a short domestic flight from Sharm El Sheikh to Luxor, where you will embark on a day of discovery and ancient beauty. A visit to Luxor, the world’s largest open-air museum, should be at the top of your list for places to visit during your holiday in Egypt. The city is part of the ancient city of Thebes, once the capital of Egypt during the 11th Dynasty (Middle Kingdom) and up to most of the 18th Dynasty (New Kingdom). It was also the religious center of Egypt and the main place of worship of the god Amon.

This exhilarating guided tour will reveal some of the world’s most fascinating and beautiful archeological sites, opening your eyes to Egypt’s rich legacy of impressive temples, tombs and monuments. The grand structures of Karnak Temple, the biggest temple complex in the world, and the Temple of Luxor are located within the town itself.

The biggest attractions can be found on the West Bank of the River Nile. Here you can visit the final resting places of ancient royalty, who were entombed in great splendour in beautifully decorated chambers carved deep into the desert rock. They were also buried with rich treasures for the afterlife. Visit the majestic Tombs of the Nobles, Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, which are amongst the most splendid in the world, and learn all about the Great Pharaohs and their historic roles during their reign in ancient Egypt.

You will then visit the Temple of Luxor, one of the largest and most spectacular architectural structures in Egypt. Built under the rule of Pharaoh Amenophis III, and later under Rhamses II, this sacred site was a national shrine dedicated to the ram-headed king of the gods, Amon.

After a day exploring the sites, enjoy lunch at a selected local restaurant, where you can enjoy sweet Arabic coffee and delicious authentic food before being transferred to Luxor domestic airport for your flight back to Sharm El Sheikh. This popular tour is ideal for those interested in learning more about the history of Ancient Egypt.

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