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Sasha Wood

Travel Muse

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An assorted adventurer, nature lover, wildlife enthusiast, culture vulture, and beach buff – my interests are diverse and I love nothing more than writing the world and occasionally editing its wrongs for travel websites and magazines.

From hill-walking in the UK countryside, getting lost amid ghostly ancient Greek ruins at nightfall and watching dawn break over man-made marvels in south-east Asia to wreck diving in the Red Sea's coral garden of Eden and seeing in a new year from a pristine paradise beach, I'm never happier than when going out and exploring this wonderful and diverse world of ours.

When I'm not on the road, I'm a shameless armchair traveller, exploring earth through words and pictures and always planning my next trip. For me, the perfect journey lets you relax and explore – a combination of fantastic scenery, good people and fascinating sights.


Sasha's Been There Done That

  • Paragliding from Mount Babadag over the beautiful Olu Deniz lagoon in Turkey
  • Taking tea with Bedouins and camping out under the stars in the Sinai desert
  • Swimming in secluded secret turquoise lakes somewhere on the Jordanian border
  • Flying over Java's awe-inspiring active volcanoes just days before one exploded
  • Exploring every inch of one of the Balkan's largest fortresses with nothing but a hummingbird for company

Recent articles by Sasha

  • 11 Jan 2019
  • Travel Story
Writing the world

Antigua’s Nelson’s Dockyard: the Caribbean’s newest world heritage site

Antigua’s first UNESCO world heritage site, the Georgian-era Nelson’s Dockyard, is possibly one of the best demonstrations of the British colonial legacy in the Caribbean, but as well as being historically interesting, it’s quaint 18th-century buildings and scenic setting make it an absolute must-see for travellers visiting the island.
  • 17 Nov 2018
  • Travel Story
Writing the world

Delphi: the spirit of ancient Greece

Sasha Wood has a date with Delphi - a mystical mountain town on the slopes of Mount Parnassus that was once home to ancient Greece's most revered oracle.
  • 18 Oct 2018
  • Travel Advice
Writing the world

Top tips for a trip to the Cayman Islands

From world-class diving and idyllic beaches to wild escapades and delectable dining, ahead of a trip to the Cayman Islands Sasha Wood takes a look at what this compact Caribbean nation has to offer.
  • 17 Sep 2018
  • Travel Advice
Writing the world

Exploring Mauritius' timeless beauty as the nation turns 50

Celebrate 50 years of island independence with a visit to Mauritius's seemingly-timeless beauty spots and natural attractions, whether you prefer picture-perfect tropical beaches, enchanting waterfalls, technicolour coral reefs, blue lagoons, rainbow-coloured hills or simply meeting a giant tortoise.
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