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James Corporal

Captain Adventure

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Nature is my passion and off-the-beaten paths, hidden routes and the most desolate parts of the earth are my natural habitat. I thrive in rugged landscapes and naturally wild conditions, from gentle leisure walks through lush rainforests, to engaging trekking journeys along rugged terrains and vigorous climbs to steep heights and challenging peaks, I've done it all and plan on continuing to grow my ever-expanding list of nature adventure.

Follow my regular blog posts to join me in my latest quests and keep up with my exciting voyages to some of the planet's most naturally beautiful corners. Find out about some of the world's best trekking and hiking destinations, tried and tested by my own personal experience during my extensive travels around the globe.

From astounding natural reserves to little-known trails and spectacular natural sights, often blended with a bit of added culture, I blog about the most thrilling and exciting adventures to be had around the world.

This is about appreciating the amazing work that Mother Nature did herself, with no help from us humans who are too quick to damage and dismiss her truly miraculous work. Join me in my adventurous pursuits and my daredevil exploits and take the time to get to know and appreciate nature from a personal perspective.


James's Been There Done That

  • Hanged from the treacherous cliff of China's majestic South Peak of Mount Hua
  • Trekked Nepal's little known circuit of Humla and Limi and walked the Annapurnas
  • Bungee jumped from one of the world's highest suspension bridges ཿ the Royal Gorge in Colorado
  • Went volcano-boarding in Nicaragua's active Cerro Negro ཿ a couple of mojitos were needed beforehand!
  • Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro while carrying the contents of my torn backpack ཿ not for the faint-hearted!

Recent articles by James

  • 20 May 2014
  • Travel Story
Off the beaten track

Following Africa's Great Migration route, the eco-friendly way

The migrating season for wildebeest and other creatures from the African savannah is a natural phenomenon that never fails to leave spectators in sheer awe and amazement. It's not one for the faint-hearted and you might wince at the sight of a lion pouncing over some stray herd members or some crocodile pulling down a helpless zebra, but nevertheless is a truly breathtaking experience that is definitely worth having at least once in your lifetime.