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CTO Remain Optimistic About Future of Caribbean Hotel Sector

  • 03-Sep-09 16:13
  • Antigua
  • Holiday Industry

The Caribbean Tourist Organisation are still optimistic about tourism in the Caribbean despite the economic downturn and a noticeable drop in tourist visitors

CTO Remain Optimistic About Future of Caribbean Hotel Sector

After a long and gruelling period through the global recession and a noticeable drop in people taking Caribbean holidays, hope is finally on the horizon for the Caribbean Tourist Organisation (CTO).

Despite the region still being very much in the midst of the economic crisis, with fewer people taking Caribbean holidays and a recent report predicting further reduction in profits for companies within the accommodation sector, the CTO are still remaining optimistic about the financial future of the popular Caribbean region.

Hugh Riley, Head of the Caribbean Tourist Organisation said:

"A recent survey of the major suppliers showed many of them were saying that consumers were beginning to call again, asking questions. There is no big flurry of books which would encourage anyone to say that the recession is over, but people are at least starting to behave in a more optimistic way."

The positive outlook will be welcomed by the region particularly as a published report by PKF Hospitality Research recently announced that there was a 16% decrease in profits for Caribbean hotels last year. With fewer travellers taking holidays in the Caribbean due to the financial situation, many hotels were forced to shut down, projects put on hold, and hundreds of people working within the travel and hospitality industry lost their jobs.

Many Caribbean hotels have now put new marketing plans and promotions in place, with cheaper room rates and packages available to entice travellers from all over the world to once again take Caribbean holidays and enjoy the beautiful region.

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