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Kenya receives multiple accolades in 2017 World Travel Awards

This year's World Travel Awards placed Kenya in a privileged position as the country received multiple accolades in several categories. The country's Masai Mara reserve won Best National Park and Diani Beach was praised as the Best African Beach. Kenya's success in the ceremony puts it back on the map in the tourism industry.

Kenya receives multiple accolades in 2017 World Travel Awards

Boasting warm safari sunsets amidst lions and zebras, Kenya has long received praise for the beauty of its unique flora and fauna. As one of the world’s top destinations for nature tourism, the country excels in providing visitors with amazing experiences where they can truly appreciate its rich biodiversity as well as unwind in paradisiacal beaches or indulge in shopping sprees in modern commerce centres.

As a testament to the nation’s continued efforts in offering clients the best holiday opportunities, Kenya was one of the most recognised destinations during this year’s World Travel Awards. This international gala is celebrated every year, with the aim of recognising excellence and hard work in the tourism industry and encouraging innovation in the sector.

The 2017 ceremony highlighted the country’s virtues in several sectors, and granted Kenya with several accolades in diverse categories, including Best National Park which was awarded to the Masai Mara reserve and Best African Beach, awarded to Diani Beach. This outcome was certainly no easy feat taking into account the magnificence of its fellow nominees. In the Best National Park category, Kenya faced important rivals, such as the Kruger Park in South Africa, Tanazania’s Serengeti reserve and the magnificent Kidepo Valley in Uganda. The country also beat the coastline retreats of Mozambique and Egypt, as it was voted the Best Beach in the African continent.

These were not the only excellent news for Kenya in this year’s World Travel Awards. The country received further recognition, with the Kenya Tourism Board being praised over its equals in Morocco and South Africa for its excellent work in 2017. Kenya Airways also received various accolades during the gala, including the award for Best Business Class in the African continent.

The ample praise Kenya received from its peers in the gala comes to reinforce the country’s privileged position in the global tourism industry, an achievement which benefits the companies that work with the Masai Mara reserve, as well as the entire Kwale region. The nation’s capital, Nairobi, also profits from these accolades, as most international visitors destined to Masai Mara and Diani, spend at least two nights in the city, after arrival and before departure. Nairobi is a destination in itself, with ample cultural activities and excellent commerce. Boasting first-rate shopping centres and wonderful leisure options, the capital is a great attraction for those who seek a pinch of urban life during their safari experience.  

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