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The Gulf Times promotes desert and city trip to Morocco

Riding a camel through the majestic terracotta dunes of the Sahara Desert or exploring the ancient casbahs and local souqs in the cities of Fez, Makarrech and Rabat are some of the unforgettable experiences Morocco has to offer. Terri Colby, writer for The Gulf Times recently listed the top sites to see and activities to take part in whilst in the North African territory.

The Gulf Times promotes desert and city trip to Morocco

Renowned for boasting amazing natural and historic sites, Morocco is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world and one of the preferred getaways amongst adventure junkies and culture vultures. Terri Colby, enthusiastic blogger and writer for the Gulf Times recently published an article sharing the best experiences of a trip to Morocco and listing the best sites and paths to discover.

The first thought that might spring to mind when thinking of this enticing North African destination, is the image of the majestic and mysterious Sahara Desert. The trekking trip to this natural wonder starts off with a 90-minute camel ride to the tent-lined camp. Non-stop amazement awaits travellers on this excursion; from climbing atop high dunes and appreciating the orange hues of the sand at the break of dawn to meeting local Amazigh families and getting to know about their traditions and day-to-day life. Some friendly locals might even invite visitors to the traditional afternoon tea, served with generous amounts of mint and sugar.

Another interesting natural site to be discovered is Morocco’s impressive Atlas Mountains. Nearly as high as the European Alps, the mountains boast beautiful peaks and verdant green valleys in spring. Some of the best stops include the stunning rock formations at Todra Gorge, a canyon popular with climbers and hikers or driving by the nearby ancient Roman town of Volubilis, established by pioneers sent from Rome to create an olive oil industry. Moreover, the Atlas Mountains boast wonderful ski resorts ideal for relaxing or joining in on the sport.

On a more historic note, Morocco’s casbahs are an amazing attraction no visitor should leave without observing. These beautiful mud-brick fortresses that dot the landscape are all over the country. One of the most remarkable casbahs is without a doubt the walled city of Ait-Ben-Haddou, where scenes from Lawrence of Arabia and Game of Thrones, among others, were filmed.

Finally, Morocco’s more urban panorama also counts with interesting sites to see. For a better taste of local life, Fez and Makarrech are filled with souqs, local mazelike markets where visitors can find everything from cheap tourist trinkets to fine, hand-woven carpets. Meanwhile, a more metropolitan experience is available in the capital city of Rabat or the famed Casablanca, which are highly industrialized and filled with commerce and restaurants.  

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