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Costanera Del Pacific highway in Nicaragua to open in August

The brand new Costanera Del Pacific highway in Nicaragua is scheduled to open this month, linking the south and south of the nation’s Pacific coast and connecting to several main tourist areas. The 131-kilometre highway will make it easier for tourists to visit the popular destinations of San Juan del Sur, El Naranjo, Ostional and Masachapa, while boosting tourism to the country.

Costanera Del Pacific highway in Nicaragua to open in August

A new highway will open in Nicaragua this month, which will link the north and south of the Pacific Coast. The Costanera Del Pacifico highway will also connect to several tourist areas across the country.

The 131-kilometre highway will provide access to a number of destinations such as San Juan del Sur, El Naranjo, Ostional and Masachapa. As well as increasing travel time between the north and south Pacific coast, the new highway is expected to boost tourism in Nicaragua.

Additional tourism developments in Nicaragua include the discovery of a 1,200-year-old archaeological site west of the capital city of Managua. The site is part of a pre-Colombian cemetery and was found in June this year near the National Baseball Stadium. Archaeologists have found ancient pottery, human remains, vestiges of burials and ceramic funerary urns. The site will provide experts with further knowledge about the behaviour of pre-Hispanic communities, and could eventually become a tourist site.

A new private luxury island has recently opened its doors in Nicaragua where up to ten guests can enjoy exclusive access to a lavish resort. Calala Island sits in the Caribbean Sea, and has a dedicated team of 25 staff members, from chefs to housekeepers. Guests will fly onto the 11-acre island via two Bell helicopters, and they can enjoy luxury accommodation in four beachfront spacious villas. During their stay at the private retreat, guests can soak up the upscale experience with unlimited fine wine and dining, pampering treatments at the spa, a dip in the swimming pool, snorkelling and scuba diving around the reefs, sunbathing on white sand beaches, and private fireworks shows.

The Central American country of Nicaragua is starting to emerge as a hotspot in the region, thanks to its unexplored natural landscapes and miles of coastlines on both the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is less developed than its neighbour Costa Rica, and while hotel groups are starting to develop in the country, visitors can enjoy peaceful uncrowded towns and beaches.

The country’s capital, Managua, is home to historic sites and attractions such as the Palacio Nacional, the ruins of the Catedral de Managua, and Tiscapa Lagoon, a fresh water lagoon in the crater of an extinct volcano. The colonial city of Granada sits on the shores of Lake Nicaragua and boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with festivals, clubs, bars, and restaurants. The small city has narrow cobbled streets, pedestrianised tree-lined squares with markets and music, and the soaring La Cathedral. 

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