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Extreme adventure tourism gains a broader range of enthusiasts

A taste for truly exciting and extreme activities is developing among holidaymakers throughout the globe. Supermarket Travel Agency recently published a list of the world’s wildest attractions, where it is clear to see that from bungee jumping into volcanoes to watching tornados, the quest for unique thrills gains more and more enthusiasts.

Extreme adventure tourism gains a broader range of enthusiasts

Stepping away from the traditional “rest and relaxation” desires when planning out holidays, the need to live out excitement-filled once-in-a-lifetime thrills has become greater amongst travellers. Adventure tourism is now one of the most sought-out experiences and many companies in the sector have taken notice. Supermarket Travel Agency, which offers a wide range of exciting excursions, recently published a list of the wildest attractions preferred by tourists.

According to Emma Coulthurst, authority from Travel Supermarket, living out exhilarating moments is gaining more and more popularity among holidaymakers:

“Obviously some of these adventures are not for the faint-hearted. But sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone a little. And one thing is certain - you'll have an unforgettable holiday.”

Moreover, adrenaline seekers can find all kinds of different activities to suit them and at surprisingly affordable prices; for example, a trip in the most dangerous roller coaster in the world, located in the mountains of Austrian Mieders is the cheapest experience with a cost of only $10, but one of the most exciting.

Supermarket Travel Agency’s list includes attractions from every corner of the planet, starting in the UK. Located 152 metres above the quarry in North Wales, the world’s fastest flying fox can achieve the highest speed in the world, 160 kilometres per hour, and is the longest in Europe. The African continent is also known for exciting holiday excursions, including safaris and mountain hiking, but it is South Africa’s free falls that made the agency’s list. Those who dare can jump from over 50 metres high without a rope or parachute and touch around 100 km per hour.

Over in North America, tornado watching has become a frequent extreme adventure experience. Tornado lovers can enjoy watching this natural phenomenon in Denver, Colorado whilst guides lead all the participants closer to the tornado, which they pursue from beginning to end.

Due to its mountainous and rocky paths as well as its exuberating wildlife, South America boasts a large number of wild attractions. Cycling in Bolivia’s “road of death” or visiting volcanoes are some of the most popular adventures. In Nicaragua, tourists can slide down Cerro Negro, a volcano that is still active and last erupted in 1999, “surfing” the cooled lava on a special plate. Meanwhile, Chile offers one of the most unique and also most expensive volcano experiences.

This activity is the world’s most costly bungee jumping and includes spending the night at a five star hotel. Those who decide to participate can throw themselves from a helicopter directly into the active Villarrica volcano, a moment that will certainly keep all the blood from your body pumping fast. 

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