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Brides Magazine recommends a 3-day Rincon, Puerto Rico surf honeymoon

While Puerto Rico is known for its large resorts and plentiful tourist amenities you can also discover a part of the island well off the beaten path. For a truly unique honeymoon Rincon, Puerto Rico supplies a romantic setting filled with adventurous surfing, delectable cuisine and spectacular sunsets, perfect for a three-day getaway.

Brides Magazine recommends a 3-day Rincon, Puerto Rico surf honeymoon

While many newlyweds enjoy jetting off to exotic locations not everyone is in search of a large resort setting. If small town surfing is more your style Brides magazine recently posted a few recommendations when travelling to Puerto Rico. Author Roberta Correia details her take on where to grab a bite to eat, where to stay and where to explore in her article, “A 3-Day Surf Honeymoon Itinerary in Rincon, Puerto Rico”.

Correia maintains Rincon is one of the magazine’s favourite destinations in the Caribbean, based on its small town appeal. Packed with tasty food and a laid-back feel she says its just one of the many unique places on the island that honeymooners enjoy. This, she credits to young couples who love to surf off the island’s western coast. While only about 15,000 people live in Rincon, its popularity with foreigners and tourists has led to the construction of some impressive boutique-style hotels.

Casa Islena Inn is close to the beach and to restaurants. A renovated oceanfront home, the inn includes a swimming pool overlooking the beach, plus a restaurant and bar. Correia also notes that beginning surfers are sure to enjoy the waves directly in front of the hotel. In addition, it’s a favourite for the daily yoga classes that take place right across the parking lot.

Another option is farther from town at the Horned Dorset Primavera. More romantic and luxurious, the hotel is favoured for its complimentary concierge service, oceanside dining and private splash pools.

First Day

With suggestions for a three-day honeymoon, the recommended itinerary includes arriving to Rincon by mid-morning. You can fly into San Juan, though your travel time increases to more than two-hours to reach Rincon from that airport. Once in town, it’s advised that honeymooners grab a breakfast bowl and latte at BD Cafe.

After checking in to your hotel a trip to Sandy Beach is proposed. Local vendors often rent out surfboards depending on conditions, plus you can swim at the beach, too. Tamboo Beach Tavern is offered up as a great place for lunch and drinks. A favourite of locals for dinner is Pool Bar Sushi. A big screen over the pool plays surf videos while diners enjoy local sushi like the Coco Loco roll.

Second Day

For day two it’s suggested travellers spend time back on the beach. Corcega Beach is only usually busy on the weekends, plus it provides plenty of white Caribbean sand to sink your toes into. The romantic location feels secluded enough for honeymooners to enjoy, just don’t forget to bring along some snacks, water and sunscreen. The author advises packing snacks and fresh juice from Carta Buena.

When you’re finished at the beach be sure to stop at La Cambijja. The location is renowned for its mojitos and traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, especially the shrimp empanadas.

Rincon also provides spectacular sunsets and one great place pointed out to experience it is at La Copa Illena. The tiny tapas bar is located on a primitive beach, ideal for couples.

Third Day

The final day of the itinerary begins with a breakfast at the English Rose. While the experience of getting there is part of the appeal, the windy, steep roads that lead to the location result in fantastic views, coffee and food.

Rincon Surf School is offered up as a great place for surf lessons, with several locations. Other options for the afternoon and evening include heading about 1.5-hours away to La Parguera Bay for a sunset snorkelling tour.

If you haven’t already experienced the sunset, Beach House Bar is recommended as an ideal location for your final evening, complimented by mojitos at Tamboo and even a romantic ocean swim.

First garnering attention during the late 1960s as host to the World Surfing Championship, Rincon provides ideal surfing and swimming, at the meeting place of the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans. While Rincon’s north coast includes superb surfing from October-April, the town’s south coast is renowned for its more calm and clear water, best for swimming and paddle boarding. The relaxing village also provides exceptional conditions for snorkelling during the summer months.

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