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Cambodia named one of 15 surprisingly safe destinations in the world

A recent list compiled by The Telegraph named Cambodia one of "15 unusual destinations where the terror threat is low". In the turbulent times we live in over 30 countries around the world are on high terrorism alert but this refreshing list points to surprising and exotic corners of the world where it's still safe to travel to. Cambodia is one such place classified as low risk for holidaymakers and packing an incredible array of one-of-a-kind attractions.

Cambodia named one of 15 surprisingly safe destinations in the world

Once upon a time we lived in a world where terrorism threats were limited to war-torn countries. But we no longer live in such a peaceful, generally trouble-free global climate, and, as more and more previously safe and popular holiday destinations are added to the red list, more and more travellers are forced to look elsewhere for their holiday plans.

It happened with Egypt, it happened with Tunisia, it happened with Spain and in more recent times, to the whole world’s dismay and disbeliefñ it’s now happening with France as it suffered two terrorism attacks in less than 9 months. So where it’s safe to go on holiday now beyond the former top favourite destinations in Europe? Cambodia seems to be one of the most desirable options according to a recent publication by The Telegraph.

In these uncertain times, the paper’s online edition says that heading to unusual yet safe destinations with low terrorism threat, might prove incredibly rewarding and enriching in unique, unexplored ways. The list of “15 unusual holiday destinations where the terrorism risk is low" includes a selection of little-explored countries where tourism isn’t as developed yet has much to wow travellers with.

One exception to most of the countries who make the list is Cambodia; a land of contrasts that has been attracting tourists the world over with its thought-provoking, heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring attractions in terms of its history (with a famously bloody past) as well as scenic nature and beautiful temples.

Yet, even when the article states that 133,000 Britons visited Cambodia last year, the country is nowhere as crowded as one of its closest neighbours. Mass-tourism in Thailand where a figure close to (and often surpassing) one million British visitors is a world away from quieter, more peacefully alluring Cambodia.

According to Michelle Jana Chan, a writer for Telegraph Travel, the unrivalled highlight of any holiday to Cambodia is the haunting site of Angkor Wat, containing an amazing wealth of temples dating back to the Khmer empire and spanning many centuries; namely the ninth and 15th centuries. Chan says each of these temples is unique and has its own allure:

“Banteay Srei has intricate carvings of sensuous celestial dancers wearing bangles, beaded anklets and sheer drop-waist skirts. The pleats are still folded beautifully in the sandstone, 1,000 years on. Ta Prohm is one of the most photographed temples, deliberately left mostly unrestored, and tangled and strangled by undergrowth."

In recent times travel to Cambodia has been made even the more appealing with the addition and expansion of its hotel offering. Over the course of last year’s first nine months an improvement in the quality of facilities and service offered by the Cambodia hotel industry was noted in a report carried out by the Bunna Realty Group.

Other desirable holiday destinations that made the list of surprisingly safe destinations in the world include: Uruguay, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, French Guiana, Bolivia, Angola, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Kiribati and Armenia. Perhaps most surprising of all was the inclusion of North Korea, though who wants to go there is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, travelling there is possible and not as hard as previously thought, even when digging into this tightly locked land’s secrets is truly an impossible task for the average tourist. Travellers must also exercise care when visiting so as not to offend the local authorities following an incident in March 2016 where an American tourist was jailed for allegedly trying to steal political propaganda from a hotel.

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