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British photographer captures bird's eye view of Antigua

An exhibition featuring one-of-a-kind aerial shots of the Caribbean island of Antigua is being hosted at the country's heritage hotel and restaurant, Admiral's Inn, located at historic Nelson's Dockyard until the end of June this year.

British photographer captures bird's eye view of Antigua

Unique aerial shots of Antigua's beaches, harbours and reefs are currently on show at the Caribbean island's heritage centre of Nelson's Dockyard. The exhibition featuring images taken by British photographer Tommy Clarke will be displayed on the walls of historic Admirals Inn and Pillars restaurant until the end of June.

The series of fine art photographs capture many of most celebrated of Antigua's 365 beaches including Curtain Bluff, Half Moon Bay, South Beach, Valley Church, Jumby Bay and Darkwood Beach. There are also images of the island's shallow encircling reef and the many yacht-filled marinas and natural harbours the island is famous for, such as English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour.

To reveal a fresh perspective on the island, daredevil photographer Tommy hung out of a helicopter attached to a harness facing downwards with a super long lens camera in his hands. The resulting images take us off the beaches and into the skies with iconic spots such as Antigua's Cades Reef transformed into a dramatic two-piece abstract work.

In other large-scale images, unsuspecting beach goers and snorkelers are reduced to dots within sprawling landscapes, bright beach umbrellas look like paint on white canvass and tennis courts become geometric designs.

The collection of photographs is the first of its kind to illustrate Antigua's tropical island beauty in an artistic way using a novel method of precision aerial photography. According to the photographer, he drew inspiration from growing up on the south coast of England and looking for new ways to capture the interaction between land and water, and the bright colours of the seaside. He honed his craft as an aerial photographer in other destinations first, starting with a series of photographs snapped above Sydney's Bondi Beach in Australia, entitled Shore.

Since then the London-based photographer has hung out of helicopters and small aircraft everywhere from San Francisco and Mexico to the Canary Islands and Utah, before coming to Antigua at the invitation of an old school friend and deciding the island would make fine material for a fresh aerial photography project.

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