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Development Begins On Boutique Hotel In Puerto Rico

A new boutique hotel named Hotel el Molino has officially broken ground in Puerto Rico after the first stone was laid at the end of last month. Set on a farm adjacent to the Flores river, the small but luxurious development is set to feature 12 cabins, a swimming pool and a bar and will create over 20 new jobs according to government estimates.

Development Begins On Boutique Hotel In Puerto Rico

According to a report carried in the Caribbean Journal at the end of last month, work is already underway on a new boutique hotel in the Sabana Grande municipality of Puerto Rico.

With the first stone laid over a week ago, ground has officially been broken on the stylish new project, which is being funded by both a $750,000 investment from Puerto Rico’s Infrastructure Financing Authority and a further $250,000 contribution from municipal funding in the region.

Situated on a farm that is adjacent to the Flores river, the new development will apparently feature 12 individual cabins, a private swimming pool and its own bar, along with several other amenities which are set to be unveiled as construction continues and the hotel actually begins to take shape.

Good For Tourism, Good For The Economy

Named the Hotel el Molino, government estimates believe the property will create more than 20 staff jobs in the area – and that’s without even counting the numerous designers, landscapers and construction workers who are currently being employed to turn the blueprints into a reality.

All in all, then, the new development should provide a nice boost to tourism in Puerto Rico’s Sabana Grande municipality while also stimulating the economy in the region through new employment opportunities and visitor spending. The area is already a popular destination for visitors to the unincorporated U.S. territory and boasts a number of places of interest and regional festivals.

These include El Pozo de la Virgen, Susúa State Park and the lengthily-titled Cementerio Masonico de la Resp. Logia Igualdad Num. 23 de Sabana Grande, which has gained state-wide significance under Criterion A in the area of social history as its construction came as a result of the ongoing struggles of the Spanish political establishment and its partner, the Catholic Church, against the Freemasons.

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