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Groovefest brings cool DJ vibes to The Holiday Place

Presenting their 2016 itinerary for their famous, ultra-cool festivals, Groovefest made it to The Holiday Place last Friday to update us on everything that this year's Groovefest parties in the Dominican Republic and Malta would be all about. Keep reading to find out more exclusive details about the DJ line-up, the festival's key dates and the luxury resort in Punta Cana where all the magic will be happening.

Groovefest brings cool DJ vibes to The Holiday Place

The Holiday Place was recently graced with the presence of Laura Ajetunmobi, Event Manager at Groovefest, who came down to our office to give you all the latest insider info on this year’s biggest Underground House and Techno music event – Groovefest Punta Cana 2016 which will take place from Sunday 4th September to Sunday 11th September and will include a week-long, non-stop line-up of some of the best DJs in the industry, playing day and night for the delight of true hardcore clubbing music fans.

 Laura Ajetunmobi, Event Manager at Groovefest

And the stage? Well, as it turns out they couldn’t have selected a more idyllic and paradisiacal backdrop to this year’s tropical event which comes with a Caribbean flavour as the turquoise waters of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic have been chosen as the main venue. Where exactly? It’s all happening at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach, perfectly poised on two kilometres of sprawling white sands which will be completely cordoned off to allow Groovefest guests only – no other hotel guests or outsiders will have access to it.

To make it all happen and in order to fit the expected over 2,000 guests (there’s capacity for up to 5,000) a huge area extending beyond the resort’s grounds will be secured for this year’s festival, with plenty of security ensuring everyone has the most amazing time in a place where every guest is a VIP. It’s all taking place in the five-star luxury resort’s exclusive adults only section and this means: strictly no kids and no whiny guests complaining about the noise…in short, no one who doesn’t really want to be here to fully enjoy and embrace the all-time party vibe.

Who is coming and who will be DJ-ing?

The audience that this massive music festival is expected to attract comprises a varied bunch stretching between younger House music fans in their late twenties to well-established die-hard forty-something year olds.

For those who are wondering, Groovefest is not a copy-paste, cookie-cutter Ibiza-type music do. It’s a more sophisticated, more grown-up and more luxurious kind of event for a slightly older audience than the typical youngsters looking to get hammered and engage in all manner of racy behaviour.

This is for people who are serious about their love of House and Techno music but who don’t care for any of the nonsense and the mess; it’s for people looking for a superior experience, people who may well already have families (with little ones left safely at home in the care grandmas and grandpas) or young professionals looking for a party atmosphere that gives you way more than the typical festival getaway, with added sophistication and glamour safely contained in a small space where you’ll only come across like-minded fellow guests and music lovers looking for a great time with none of the hassle and the madness associated with Ibiza-style raving drunkards in their late teens or early twenties.

If you're an old-school, die-hard House fan, Groovefest is the place for you

So if you’re over Ibiza, if you’ve outgrown that kind of clubbing getaway but still love your House music and the partying atmosphere; in other words if you’re an old-school, die-hard House fan, Groovefest is the place for you, it’s where you should be come this September 2016 and places are limited, so book early to ensure you don’t miss out!

The 2016 (provisional) DJ line-up:

Although the individual DJs performing in this year's Groovefest edition are still to be confirmed, you can trust that some of the biggest DJ names in House and Techno music are guaranteed to make an appearance in Groovefest 2016.

For now we can disclose the showcase names though, with the showcases to be held by the record labels on a daily basis and including:

  • BB Records
  • DJ Mag
  • D-Vine Sounds

And this is just a short list of highlight appearances to whet your appetite, there’ll be many more names announced soon as the final preparations get under way.

But beyond the big names in the underground House and Techno world, there’s more to Groovefest than meets the eye. Boat parties will also be organised (although these are not part of the all-inclusive package and need to be booked separately once at the resort) and day time parties take over different parts of the resort (think pools, beach, gardens, nightclubs) every day from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (only breaking off to allow some time for freshening up and dining) and then kicking off again from 9 or 10 p.m. to 4 or 5 o’clock in the early morning hours.

While daytime parties typically take place at various open-air venues throughout the resort, the night sessions are usually held in the resort’s nightclub.

If you want to get more of a visual idea of what Groovefest entails head to YouTube and search for Groovefest 2016 Barcelo Bavaro Beach Punta Cana.

Groovefest – what is it and why is it unique?

Groovefest - what is it and why is it unique?

With a slogan that reads “Party in Paradise”, Groovefest has earned a reputation for being the only major music festival of its kind to offer an all-inclusive experience.

With the first Groovefest having taking place in 2012, this will be the festival’s fourth edition (it skipped a year in 2013 but the festival was back for 2014 and 2015) there’s almost like a family history built around it. They’ve been certainly growing like family forming almost a cult of past guests who come again and again to meet up with newly found friends in previous editions and to engage with new ones.

Steadily growing, from 250 guests in its first edition to 1,500 in its latest 2015 one, Groovefest 2016 is expected to be bigger and better than any other previous one.

For starters they’ve changed location to an even more exclusive and luxurious venue at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach – Adults Only and on the other hand they’ve planned for the bigger array of famous DJs with the best sounds. Think “soulful, deep, dirty, beautiful and memorable”. Like they announce themselves on their official website:

“From Chicago to Balearic, we have everything covered.”

What makes it different? Like I was saying earlier it’s the only festival of its scale to provide a fully-inclusive and immersive experience in one single package. With Groovefest the destination is as big a part of the experience as the music and that is why they go together inseparably, and why you cannot book one without the other.

Another thing. Those who go once are almost guaranteed to repeat. People come back and meet party friends from previous Groovefest editions, and, unlike other typical festival getaways for young crowds only interested in getting as drunk, as loud and as rowdy as possible night after night; the Groovefest audience is more refined and selective, they are indeed serious about their love of House music but they also combine it other interests. They make the most of their partying holiday and they do take breaks from the party scene to go outside the resort and do tours and excursions…All in all, they get a more well-rounded experience and that’s because Groovefest provides them the ideal venue in which expand their horizons and do so.

So here, you have it, Groovefest is the only festival of its kind that takes over an entire resort to offer a fully all-inclusive experience. It’s not available as a standalone festival where you can pay for a day or night pass to attend a specific DJ performance. It comes in its full packages, it embraces the music atmosphere fully for an entire week while catering to its guests’ discerning needs, and it has a unique added element of luxury embedded in it as well.

Can you attend Groovefest without staying at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach?

The short answer is no, you can’t. Tickets won’t be sold separately as Groovefest is sold only and exclusively as an all-inclusive experience where accommodation is an essential part of the package. You can only buy it as a bundle together with the accommodation at the chosen venue, which is the Barcelo Bavaro Beach this year, and there are absolutely no exceptions to that rule.

There are no day or night passes you can buy to give you one-off access to certain performances and if you stay anywhere other than the Barcelo Bavaro Beach resort you simply won’t be able to attend Groovefest.

Book Groovefest 2016 with The Holiday Place

This year Groovefest has partnered with The Holiday Place to deliver their packages through us, taking all the hassle out of booking your Groovefest 2016 holiday thanks to The Holiday Place's neatly packaged Groovefest experiences which include the accommodation, the flights, and of course, the Groovefest experience.

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