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Bloggers visit Nicaragua's Mombacho Cigar Factory

Travel enthusiasts, and the writers behind the blog "A Cruising Couple" recently shared their Nicaragua holiday experiences. The couple spent four days in Granada one of Nicaragua's most popular destinations. One of their most memorable experiences in Granada included a visit to the Mombacho Cigar Factory where they were taken through the processes behind the art of cigar making.

Bloggers visit Nicaragua's Mombacho Cigar Factory

Travel writers Dan and Casey of the blog "A Cruising Couple", whose writing is also often featured on Travel Pulse's website, recently wrote about their experiences in Nicaragua and more specifically the colourful town of Granada where they spent four days.

During their time in Granada they had the unique opportunity to visit one of Nicaragua's lesser known treasures, the Mombacho Cigar Factory in Granada. While many associate cigars with countries like Cuba and the Dominican Republic, fewer people are aware that Nicaragua also has a longstanding history of cigar making which has been established since prehistoric times.

Nicaragua's cigar industry is a significant contributor to the Central American country's GDP with Nicaragua the second largest producer of the world's cigars, behind the Dominican Republic. During their tour of the Mombacho Cigar Factory, Dan and Casey were able to get a detailed understanding of the entire process from the de-humidifying to the rolling and aging.

It is truly a labour of love, with the entire process done by hand and one cigar taking up to three years to be completed, even a non smoker can appreciate the work done at Mombacho.

However, Dan and Casey's visit to Mombacho was not only about the cigars, as they were also able to appreciate the architecture of the factory building which dates back to 1925 when it was first designed the by Italian sculptor Favilli Bendichi.

A visit to the cigar factory costs a mere $4 USD and is certainly a must see for any holidaymaker interested in cultural tours of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua, often referred to as the "Land of Lakes and Volcanoes", is one of the top holiday destinations of 2015 and has certainly been giving neighbouring Costa Rica a run for its money in recent times. According to the Nicaragua Tourism Institute, in 2015, 1.32 million foreigners booked holidays in Nicaragua and foreign tourism generated $445.4 million in revenue. Officials have since set a target of 1.35 arrivals generating $450 million in revenue.

Top holiday destinations in Nicaragua include Granada where visitors can experience the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve, and Isla Ometepe.

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