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The Mukul luxury resort - the missing piece of Nicaragua's tourism puzzle

The launch of the Mukul resort, Nicaragua's first five-star resort, signals to the world that Nicaragua has come a long way from its years of conflict. Today, Nicaragua is a credible contender for the title of the "best holiday destination in Central America" and with the launch of the Mukul resort, Nicaragua truly has it all. Holidaymakers are now able to book ec- friendly as well as luxury Nicaragua holidays.

The Mukul luxury resort - the missing piece of Nicaragua's tourism puzzle

With the launch of the Mukul luxury resort - Nicaragua’s first five-star luxury, the Central American country is carving a spot for itself in the luxury holidays market. When the Mukul resort was first conceptualised, its owner and Nicaragua’s first billionaire, Carlos Pellas, set out to not only build Nicaragua’s first true luxury resort but to also showcase the very essence of Nicaragua.

According to Pellas, the resort aimed to highlight some of Nicaragua’s greatest treasures, namely; its local artwork, cigars, coffee, grass-fed beef and high quality rum. Pellas’ vision has since culminated in a deluxe retreat that rivals the experience offered by some of the world’s top holiday destinations with Mukul attracting big name Hollywood stars like Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas.

Mukul has taken a Nicaragua-first approach, with everything from the artwork, to the terrazzo floors and the furniture all designed by Nicaraguan artisans. When the resort first launched 75 per cent of its staff were said to be locals living within two miles of the resort, today this figure has increased to a remarkable 96 per cent. General Manager at the resort, Frederico Spada, credits the staff for their authentic hospitality,

" I said to them, treat our guests like you would if they were in your home. When you invite someone to your home, you make sure the floor is completely clean, you put on your best T-shirt, you make your best bean dish. That is essentially what we are doing here."

Since its launch, the Mukul resort has gained international media attention with the resort seen as the missing piece of Nicaragua’s tourism brand puzzle and more importantly as a symbol of the country’s turn around after years of conflict and social unrest. Today, Nicaragua boasts the lowest crime rate in Central America and with several natural attractions and a developed eco tourism brand; many are citing Nicaragua as a serious challenger to Costa Rica’s long-standing position as the region’s top holiday destination.

The cost for a night’s stay at the Mukul resort starts at $550 USD.

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