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Huge renovation at Caravelle Hotel in Saigon now underway

The Caravelle hotel has begun an extensive four phase renovation project - the first major overhaul for the hotel in 15 years. The Caravelle boasts a rich history, serving as the hub of activity for media corps, intellectuals and dignitaries during the Vietnam War in the 60s and 70s. It is historically rich sites like these that Vietnam officials are counting on to continue to attract holidaymakers and entice investors.

Huge renovation at Caravelle Hotel in Saigon now underway

Vietnam's most historic landmark hotel, the Caravelle Hotel, has begun work on a major renovation project, the first phase of which will take place throughout the summer. In what was no doubt a nod to the significance of this building, the start of renovations coincided with the anniversary of the hotel's soft opening in May 1959. The works will take place in four phases with the first phase set to run from 12 May to the end of August 2014 and the final phase estimated to be completed by mid 2016.

As part of the renovations, the Carvelle Hotel will be transformed into a luxury hotel with an expanded lobby cafe named Cafe de l' Opera and a redesigned reception, both of which guests will be able to enjoy from September 2014. These are the largest renovations to take place at Caravelle in 15 years, and it will undoubtedly attract more guests and remind the world of this luxury hotel's place in Vietnam's history.

The Caravelle hotel, located in Lam Son Square in Ho Chi Minh City, was the accommodation of choice for dignitaries and media corps covering the war in the 60s and 70s, with CBS and ABC news setting up temporary offices there. The famed Saigon "war hotel" was even featured in the Danielle Steele's novel Message from Nam.

Vietnam is currently boosting its tourism marketing in an effort to attract more holidaymakers to visit cities like Saigon, as well as to attract more investors, including international hotel firms. As part of these efforts, local officials have announced that Vietnam will publish its first annual tourism report in September 2014. The report will cover 2013 and seek to provide greater insight into the Vietnam's tourism industry, as well as highlight the country's tourism objectives.

In conjunction with this, Vietnam's Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently informed local media that he would soon be leading a panel to appoint a new tourism envoy who will represent Vietnam and share knowledge of all that Vietnam has to offer, including its rich culture and history. The appointed envoy will attend various events in Russia, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Netherlands and Indonesia.

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