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CNN ranks volcano boarding in Nicaragua in list of thrilling experiences

CNN has ranked volcano boarding in Nicaragua in second place in its list of fun but terrifying experiences. One of the best spots to enjoy the thrilling sport is the slopes of the Cerro Negro, a live volcano that last erupted in 1999, where adrenalin-seekers can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres an hour.

CNN ranks volcano boarding in Nicaragua in list of thrilling experiences

Adrenalin-seeking travellers are always seeking fun activities to feed their habit and some of the most popular ones include snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking scuba diving and shark diving, but now there’s another emerging sport to get the heart pumping.

Volcano boarding has been ranked in second place on CNN’s list of fun but terrifying experiences and Nicaragua is one of the best places to enjoy the sport.

One of the most extreme places to experience volcano boarding is Cerro Negro, a live volcano that last erupted in 1999.

Kitted out in protective jumpsuits, helmets, knee pads and gloves, adventure junkies can hike to the top of the volcano, absorb the spectacular views and then jump on their specially-constructed wooden boards to carve their way down the volcano, reaching speeds of up to 80 kilometres an hour.

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and it has coastlines both on the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, making it a popular destination for surfing and tropical beach breaks. The colonial cities of Granada and Leon are leading tourist attractions with historic churches and museums, while the Corn Islands on the Caribbean side are a favourite for travellers seeking beach and nature getaways.

The country has become an emerging holiday destination thanks to its affordability and breathtaking scenery. The country’s capital, Managua, has historic sites and attractions including Palacio Nacional, the ruins of the Catedral de Managua which was damaged in an earthquake in 1972, and Tiscapa Lagoon, a fresh water lagoon in the crater of an extinct volcano.

While visiting Nicaragua, holidaymakers can trek through thriving national parks and cloud forests that are home to an array of exotic wildlife including monkeys and colourful birds; visit historic coffee plantations or cigar factories; or hike to the smoking crater of the active Masaya Volcano.

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