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Tourism officials state that St Vincent and the Grenadines are "Still Open For Business"

Tourism officials have stated that St Vincent and the Grenadines are very much "open for business" following the recent storm over the festive period that saw the islands take a battering by wind and heavy rain. The islands are a popular destination for Caribbean holidays and officials are keen to assure tourists that it is safe to travel to the country.

Tourism officials state that St Vincent and the Grenadines are "Still Open For Business"

The nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines is still "open for business" following the recent storm according to tourism officials.

During the Christmas period, the eastern Caribbean islands were hit by a serious storm that brought heavy rain and caused flooding and landslides with the main damage affecting St Vincent's North Leeward, North Windward, South Leeward, North Central Windward and North Windward sides.

The damage on the mainland island of St Vincent is expected to cost millions with roads, bridges and homes in need of repair, but Glen Beache, the CEO of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority, says the tourism industry has weathered the storm "with little or no disruption" and St Vincent and the Grenadines hotels "continue to welcome guests".

Fortunately, the Grenadines were largely unaffected by the storm and local crews are working "around the clock" to restore St Vincent's infrastructure, according to officials.

Made up of 32 islands located in the Caribbean Sea, the island nation is a hotspot for tropical getaways, romantic weddings and honeymoons thanks to its breathtaking natural scenery made up of white sandy beaches, turquoise ocean waters, and emerald-sloped rolling hills.

The main island St Vincent is home to the colonial capital Kingstown that has bustling cobblestone streets with markets, music, and a bustling atmosphere.

In the Grenadines, tourists can enjoy eco-adventures such as hiking to the top of volcanoes, taking a dip under cascading waterfalls, scuba diving or snorkelling in turquoise ocean waters that are home to spectacular colourful coral reefs, whale and dolphin watching, and hiking along picturesque coastal paths.

The nation is home to the beautiful islands of Mustique, Bequia, Mayreau, Palm Island, Young Island, Tobago Cays, Canouan, and Union Island, that is each home to stunning natural landscapes including white sand beaches, lush forests and azure lagoons.

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