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First music-themed hotel in Cuba to open in November 2013

The month of November will see the much anticipated opening of the first ever hotel in Cuba to be designed and created with a music theme, inspired by the many intoxicating rhythms that this island has given birth to. The new Blue Salsa Club in Varadero will be a unique resort themed around authentic Cuban beats and offering special extras like music and dancing lessons.

First music-themed hotel in Cuba to open in November 2013

An exciting new kind of Cuban hotel is soon to open in the much loved stretch of powdery soft sands and clear turquoise waters that is Varadero. The innovative Blue Salsa Club will officially be opening its doors in November to welcome tourists seeking to learn about the island's uniquely rich music heritage.

As the birthplace of popular rhythms such as mambo, cha cha cha, bolero, guaracha and salsa, Cuba has a strong musical identity that can be felt in its lively city streets, where you can see the locals swaying to pulsating beats coming from their home stereos (yes, they like to crank up the volume real high so that neighbours enjoy the music too). In fact, all too often you see music stereos positioned right on the street so that all the neighbourhood can enjoy the rhythms and dance along.

Wanting to bring this musical experience closer to tourists, who often don't get to participate in this kind of street parties when confined in glitzy and glamorous resorts, the new hotel aims to make guests feel as though they are trapped in a Cuban capsule, breathing an authentic Cuban atmosphere and going back and forth in time with music of today and yesteryear.

From the modern sounds of salsa and timba that represent contemporary Cuba today, to the nostalgic tunes of cha cha cha and bolero that the nation fell in love with during the early and mid-1900s, the music will evoke the real Cuba through the ages.

Much like the Hard Rock chain of hotels, this new concept aims to bring Cuba's outstanding music heritage to tourists in an innovative way, so that upon waking every day at the resort they'll be moving to contagious Latin beats and getting the opportunity to fully immerse in the island's music scene and culture.

"It's a very similar idea to the Hard Rock hotels and the aim is to make the customer, when he enters the Blue Salsa Club, breathe music, culture, dance and Cubanness."

Official sources revealed.

The resort, which is beautifully poised on the white sands of Varadero Beach, has been developed by Spanish group, Blue Bay and Cuba's Paradiso agency, which specialises in cultural tourism and promotes authentic Cuban music genres like salsa, son, bolero and guaracha, as well as other traditional dances.

As part of their stay, guests at the Blue Salsa Club will get to enjoy special dance and music classes, from percussion to various musical instruments – all fully included in the price of the room rate.

For all lovers of music and Cuban culture, the new resort promise to deliver Cuba holidays with a unique musical twist.

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