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Number of tourists taking Bahamas holidays expected to reach 5.7 Million in 2012

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has announced that the number of tourists taking Bahamas holidays during 2012 is expected to increase by six or seven per cent compared to visitors arrivals in 2011. A representative from the ministry said that the Caribbean island nation could receive as many as 5.7 million holidaymakers in 2012.

Number of tourists taking Bahamas holidays expected to reach 5.7 Million in 2012

Visitor arrivals in the Bahamas are expected to increase by six or seven per cent compared to figures in 2011, according to the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

The Senior Director of Research and Statistics at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Gary Young, told the local press that the number of tourists taking Bahamas holidays during September and October, the slowest months of the year, has exceeded expectations and the nation could record 5.7 million visitors in 2012.

“We’ll be over 5 million visitors, no problem,” Mr Young commented. “We’ll be probably somewhere around 5.6 million to 5.7 million at least, possibly higher. It depends on what happens with the cruise side.”

In the months between January and July, 2012, the number of holidaymakers who took holidays to the Bahamas totalled 3.67 million which was an 8.1 per cent increase compared to the same period in 2011. The number of both land-based and cruise ship visitors also increased by eight per cent this year.

Despite the rise in the number of tourists, Bahamas hotels have not been able to return their room rates to pre-recession levels.

 Bahamas Beach View
Image by: IDEE_PER_VIAGGIARE, on Flickr

The Bahamas is an island nation archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba. Grand Bahama, the main island, boasts beautiful pink sand beaches that get their colour from fractured seashell mixed with sand. The Caribbean island boasts an array of attractions including an underwater limestone cave system, tropical botanical gardens, and national parks that are full of wildlife and provide a tranquil setting for relaxing holidays in the Bahamas.

Nassau Paradise Island sits just off the shores of Nassau city on the island of New Providence and is home to luxurious hotels and resorts in the Bahamas, upscale boutiques, casinos, nightclubs. The island of New Providence is also home to all of this and more including the capital city Nassau which offers art galleries, world-class shopping, museums, lighthouses, and historic monuments.

During their visit, holidaymakers can enjoy activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling, treks through the thriving national parks, dolphin-watching excursions, tours of historic sites such as the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation, plus several watersports including fishing, sailing, kayaking and windsurfing.

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