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Celebrating history with Dominican Republic holidays in Santo Domingo during Colonial Fest 2012

For those wishing to celebrate the rich history of the Dominican Republic's history there is a fabulous opportunity to do so if spending holidays in Santo Domingo, the Caribbean nation's vibrant capital which is now hosting the Colonial Fest 2012. The city's colonial zone is preparing to showcase the best of its culture and folklore to wow visitors seeking unique cultural experiences during their Dominican Republic holidays.

Celebrating history with Dominican Republic holidays in Santo Domingo during Colonial Fest 2012

Travellers who love to add a bit of culture to their holiday experience will have an amazing opportunity to learn about the Dominican Republic's rich and fascinating colonial history if visiting the Caribbean nation's vibrant capital city this October.

Long regarded as a top beach holiday destination in the Caribbean, offering some of the best value hotel deals and resorts in the region, most travellers aren't aware of the Dominican Republic's historical and cultural attributes and this new festival will give many an excellent opportunity to discover the country's unique flair and folklore during holidays in Santo Domingo, the 500-year-old capital city and oldest settlement in the nation.

Celebrating all things Dominican and authentic, Santo Domingo's Colonial Zone will be hosting the Colonial Fest 2012 from 12th to 14th October with a series of special events planned such as live music performances, art exhibitions, culinary demonstrations and some very special characters from the colonial period coming to live and roaming through its streets for the delight of locals and visitors enjoying Dominican Republic holidays. These colourful characters will wander around the city's monuments, parks, old ruins and main streets accompanied by traditional music rhythms.

 Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo
Image by: worldtraveller5, on Flickr

Special activities that depict the Dominican Republic's unique culinary culture and local art will be on display throughout the city's colonial zone and the festival will take place mainly in the following streets: Emiliano Tejera, Hostos and “Las Damas” . The streets were chosen because of the impressive colonial structures built there centuries ago and still standing with an alluring decay.

Those lucky enough to be in Santo Domingo during the festival will also enjoy a depiction of the “Medieval Era” at the Ozama Fortress, where organisers have planned a street theatre performance and music festival, a medieval market, gastronomic tours, concerts, fairs and arts and crafts workshops.

Museum in Santo Domingo will extend their normal visiting hours to accommodate a larger influx of visitors and tourists flooding into the city as part of their holidays in the Dominican Republic.

For the peace of mind of travellers, families and locals, festival organisers in Santo Domingo will also be providing street security and parking so that everyone remains well-looked after throughout. A quirky colonial “Chu Chu” train will provide transportation to nearby monuments and programmed activities.

With a strong backing from the government, keen to promote authentic Dominican Republic values and culture, the Colonial Fest 2012 will also be sponsored by Sansouci, morning daily Listin Diario, the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, and the National District’s City Hall.

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