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Cuba welcomes tourists to Sea Turtle Festival taking place this month

Tourists taking eco Cuba holidays this month will be in for a special surprise as the fishing community of La Coloma, in Pinar del Rio prepares to celebrate a special Sea Turtle Festival, celebrating the protection of these fascinating species.

Cuba welcomes tourists to Sea Turtle Festival taking place this month

Nature lovers and animal lovers around the world will be in for a special treat if they happen to be enjoying Cuba holidays in Pinar del Rio over the next few weeks as a festival of sea turtles is celebrated next to the nearby San Felipe Keys, where the turtles now live.

Locals from La Coloma, a small fishing community in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, have organised the festival to celebrate the preservation of these amazing marine creatures and continue their hard work towards protecting this endangered species’ natural habitat.

Sponsored by the World Fund for Nature and other global organisations responsible for looking after the environment, this sea turtle festivity will feature special activities for the local fishermen and their families who will also be invited to attend various seminars and workshops on the ecological and environmental threats to the community of turtles in the region, now in severe danger of extinction.

 Pinar del Rio beach- Cuba
Image by: globetrotter_rodrigo, on Flickr

A special singing contest inspired by the protection of the sea turtles is scheduled to take place and promises to liven up the celebrations, while other festive activities will include masquerades and fancy dress parties, exhibits and other entertaining but enlightening projects celebrating the existence of sea turtles in the region.

The San Felipe Keys gives shelter to three species of Cuban sea turtles (carey, caguama and green turtle) some of which are endemic. Thanks to the implementation of special protective programmes the communities of sea turtles in the area continue to thrive, although more work needs to be done in order to keep increasing their numbers.

Popular holiday destinations in Cuba such as Cayo Real, Cayo Coco, Siju and Juan Garcia are the most frequently visited places by the sea turtles, also sheltering varieties of manatees, pink flamingos and others. These regions are not only popular among tourists seeking beach and sun relaxation in a paradisiacal, virtually untouched environment, but also among eco-concerned travellers taking eco Cuba holidays for the purpose of learning about the island’s eco-friendly efforts to preserve unique ecosystems and protect the habitat of endangered species.

 Cayo Largo Turtle Farm- Cuba
Image by: crustne1, on Flickr

Cayo Largo, another popular beach destination among tourists, has a special Turtle Farm that tourists can visit during eco-friendly holidays in Cuba. For a small fee of 1 CUC they can see the turtles and interact with them as well as listen to some of the worker's stories about how they are looked after until they are ready to go out in the sea.

The monitoring of water birds is among other projects carried out throughout the island, as well as the study and conservation of iguanas, another popular animal among visitors enjoying green holidays in Cuba, many of whom delight in taking wonderful snapshots of this cute creatures.

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