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Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. offering cultural Cuba holidays

  • 20-Jan-12 14:19
  • Cuba
  • Palm Desert Patch

The Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce has made an opportunity of a lifetime available to locals by coordinating a cultural trip to Cuba. Booking Cuba holidays is now on the minds of many Americans thanks to the relaxation of some travel restrictions.

Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. offering cultural Cuba holidays

The Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce (PDACC) in the United States has taken the somewhat controversial decision to organise special cultural Cuba holidays for interested locals. The journey to the Caribbean island is scheduled to take place from 18th September to 26th September 2012 and will cost $3699 USD under an all inclusive basis. CEO of the PDACC , Barbara deBoom, said of the trip, “It’s more of a cultural experience and to see time frozen in 1959, compared to where we are today in 2012…I think there will be some that think this is great and wonderful and there will be some who aren’t going to like it.”

Despite the tumultuous relationship that the communist country has had with the United States the reality is that the lure of Cuba holidays is very strong for many U.S. citizens. Most holidaymakers dream of taking luxury Caribbean holidays, with Cuba viewed as one of the top Caribbean destinations not only because of the island’s pristine beaches and tropical climate but largely due to the enigmatic culture that has captured the imaginations of many around the world.

 Old Havana, Cuba
Image by: LA Observer, on Flickr

In an effort to increase the “people to people” contact between the two nations, the Obama administration has introduced what has been termed as a” liberalisation of travel to Cuba”. Under the more relaxed new rules, U.S. citizens are now free to embark on pre-defined purposeful visits to Cuba. According to the U.S. government, purposeful visits can fall into any one of the following categories: family, religious, educational, cultural, journalism, diplomatic and business (commercial and biotechnical business activities are prohibited). These restrictions may still hinder the average U.S. holidaymakers from enjoying the typical luxury Caribbean holiday on the island’s beautiful beaches but it has provided the perfect opportunity for them to enjoy the rich Cuban culture.

 Partagas Cigar Factory , Cuba
Image by: Basse911, on Flickr

The PDACC trip has already sorted out all legal requirements with interested parties so those looking forward to making the most of this lifetime opportunity and want to enjoy cultural Cuba holidays this September 2012 are only required to fill out their registration form and pay. Marketed as a “People to People” excursion, the PDACC itinerary is packed with cultural activities including visits to Old Havana, the Partagas Cigar Factory, the Bay of Pigs Museum, Ernest Hemingway's 15-acre estate and a walking tour of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Trinidad de Cuba.

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