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Eighth International Meeting on Cuba's Nature Tourism took place in Villa Clara

The Eighth International Meeting on Nature Tourism (Turnat 2011) began last 26th September. Many tourism-related officers and travel agents from all over the world attended the reunion in order to explore the diversity eco Cuba holidays have to offer.

Eighth International Meeting on Cuba's Nature Tourism took place in Villa Clara

The central Cuban province of Villa Clara is serving as the host of the Eighth International Meeting on Nature Tourism (Turnat 2011). The influential meeting began Monday 26th September in the city of Manicaragua, in Villa Clara. This city is a magnificent example of the impressive and diverse natural beauty in the island and the incredible sights it beholds, making it a perfect spot for eco Cuba holidays.

More than 230 participants were expected to attend this year's event, a record figure which continues to grow with the arrival of more foreign visitors who are clearly interested in taking part in ecological projects and want to help to develop nature holidays in Cuba even further.

El Nicho
Image El Nicho by: Justin Otto, on Flickr

The Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) informed that Turnat 2011 expects and welcomes any travel agents, tour operators, consultants and journalists from Canada, the US, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Ecuador and Panama. On a recent notice, tourism officials of the Dominican Republic will also be welcome to participate.

All participants got the chance to exchange different points of view and experiences with fellow Cuban colleagues, on Friday. Foreign officers were able to interact with tourism workers and inhabitants of isolated regions in Villa Clara, who showed them through the mesmerising beauty and practically virginal fields, lakes, rivers and other territories in the province.

Lake Hanabanilla
Image Lake Hanabanilla by: Justin Otto, on Flickr

One of the most important places foreign participants visited during the TURNAT 2011 event was Hanabanilla. This highly-protected and breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape is abundant with the most astonishing flora and fauna, and important hydro-graphic basins; a paradisiacal picture for nature-lovers. El Nicho, located in the province of Cienfuegos and one of the most fine-looking places in the Guamuhaya mountain range, is also an attractive spot to visit in Cuba when embarking on eco-friendly holidays.
Topes de Collantes and the biosphere reserve Caguanes National Park in Sancti Spiritus are two more of the interesting locations participants will get to visit on the meeting. This anticipated event takes place every year, a few days after reaching the targeted 2 million foreign visitors. This figure was achieved on 17th September in 2011, 32 days before scheduled, according to the plan based on last year.

This meeting helps promote and encourage eco Cuba holidays, a healthier and more environment-friendly way of spending leisure time. It is of great importance that representatives of countries like Canada and the United Kingdom attend, seeing that they are some of the main tourism sources for the island. According to MINTUR Canada comes first in tourism revenue, then the UK(most important in Europe), Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, while Mexico and Argentina stand out in America.

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