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Discover Culinary Delights during Dominican Republic Holidays

Exotic flavours, traditional recipes, natural local ingredients and an infusion of Asian and European influences are just some of the reasons holidaymakers love the local cuisine during their Dominican Republic holidays.

Discover Culinary Delights during Dominican Republic Holidays

Foodies taking Dominican Republic holidays will be in culinary heaven as they travel through various areas of the island discovering the exotic favours and fresh local ingredients.

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Dominican Republic in 1492, he brought with him Spanish culinary delights to blend with the cuisine of the settled Tainos natives.

Over the years this gastronomy has extended to the introduction of many other European influences providing a blend of flavours and delicious dishes to the menus of Dominican Republic hotels.

The tropical island soon became the second largest Caribbean nation and African and European-influenced dishes were quickly featuring in everyday meals.

The northwest of the Dominican Republic offers oregano bushes and goat grazing; the northeastern region consists of coconut palms and rich fishing waters; and the central area of the island features rich vegetable crops and non-tropical fruits including strawberries.

Wherever tourists are taking their holidays in the Dominican Republic, all of the regions ensure that meals are prepared with fresh ingredients.

Ministry of Tourism's Vice Minister of International Promotion, Magaly Toribio said: "So much goes into authentic Dominican meals, from planning what will be served, to the importance of fresh ingredients.

"We proudly share our historic traditions and captivating culture with DR visitors, specifically through our mouth-watering produce, much of which is locally and organically grown."

One of the most popular dishes travellers might come across during their Dominican Republic holidays is La Bandera which consists of rice, red beans and chicken, beef or goat meat and is generally served at lunchtime.

The island’s main agricultural products are cocoa and sugar and most of the local desserts often feature these ingredients with a combination of milk and fruit.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the Dominican Republic is famous for its local rum or Presidente beer, and those opting for soft drinks can refresh with fresh vitamin-bursting smoothies, hot chocolate or lemon grass tea.

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