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German Tourist killed in shark attack at Sharm El Sheikh resort

Whilst out snorkelling in the Red Sea on her Sharm el Sheikh holidays, a German woman has been killed after being attacked by a shark in the same resort where four other tourists were attacked last week.

German Tourist killed in shark attack at Sharm El Sheikh resort

A 70-year-old German woman has been killed by a shark attack during her Sharm El Sheikh holidays last week. The woman was snorkelling in the waters of the popular Red Sea resort when the shark attacked injuring her legs and arms. She died shortly after being recovered from the sea.

The attack came just days after the Egyptian authorities closed off the area following shark attacks on four other tourists who were also on their Sharm el Sheikh holidays. The tourists were seriously injured and the area had been closed off to swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving activities. Officials believe that an oceanic white tip shark and mako shark were behind the attacks last week and the creatures were soon captured. The area was once again open to visitors but another shark was thought to be behind the latest fatal attack and the waters have been closed for a second time.

Inna Koval was enjoying her holidays at the Sharm el Sheikh resort when the incident happened.

"I was snorkelling a couple of minutes before this incident at lunchtime. It happened just 100 metres away from me - it came so close!" she explained.

"I heard a man who started to scream very loudly. All I could understand was that something was wrong and the word shark. I saw the tussle in the water and a tail of a shark for a second above the water.

"Many people were still swimming. It happened so suddenly they struggled to get away very quickly. It was so close to the beach where tourists were allowed to swim. No one expected this because the waters are not deep enough and there is coral everywhere."

John Upsdale and his friends were enjoying their Egypt holidays last week and were unaware of the recent shark attacks.

John said: "We went swimming and snorkelling in the sea on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But we didn't know that a shark had attacked and so we were oblivious to the danger. Our holiday reps said the sea had been closed off to the public.

"At the hotel, there were warnings about the sharks, but down on the beach you wouldn't have known that anything had happened."

A dive instructor in Sharm El Sheikh, Theo Christ, said: "You may see sharks in July or in August, but usually not so much at this time of the year.

"Snorkelers run a higher risk of attack - as they are on the surface of the water, they resemble prey to sharks."

Sharks are usually found in open sea. It is exceptional that they have been seen near the shore. We have never had problems like this before. A reason why the attack might have happened is because snorkelers take food to feed the fish in order to get good photos. But sharks come along too.

"Our business of snorkelling and diving is a major part of our tourism industry in Sharm el-Sheikh, and we have been affected by the attacks."

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