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Barbados Limegrove Lifestyle Centre scheduled to open in December 2010

  • 05-Nov-10 14:38
  • Holetown
  • Limegrove Barabados

The new multi-million dollar Limegrove lifestyle Centre is scheduled to open to locals and visitors on Barbados holidays on 15th December, according to the real estate manager, Paul Altman, after he gave tourism officials a grand tour of the property.

Barbados Limegrove Lifestyle Centre scheduled to open in December 2010

The opening of the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown in December is scheduled to go ahead as Paul Altman, the real estate manager, takes the Minister of Tourism, Richard Searly and other tourism officials on a tour around the multi-million dollar complex.

The new lifestyle centre will open to residents and tourists on Barbados holidays on 15th December 2010, with 80 per cent of the property completed and the remaining 20 per cent to be finished by 2011.

The centre has been built upon 10 acres of land in the historic Holetown on the west coast of Barbados and will feature approximately 100 commercial operators including Cartier, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, local businesses, and a market place for local vendors.

Altman explained: "Some will be large shops, some will be very small shops, but altogether we have set that number of 100 as our guideline number. This offers to Barbadians something that they have never had in Barbados before which is something called a lifestyle centre; it is a mixed use development. It is a venue where we expect people will come to visit and to use for the purpose of just ‘liming’, because it is Limegrove. The full thing here is that you come here, you sit down, you have a drink, you go to the movies, you to go to the nightclub, you shop, we even have a place that you can leave your children while you do all of those things."

The Tourism Minister has given the new centre his support and believes that it will encourage local residents and travellers on Barbados holidays to visit Holetown whilst providing an opportunity for local businesses to thrive, including Barbados hotels and resorts.

"As you know, that is something we do in fact push about the vacation experience in Barbados, where our visitors and our locals interact and exchange with each other freely and so really one of the more attractive aspects of this Lifestyle Centre... Barbados itself is considered to be a top brand and so to be developing a symbiosis with Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton et al, can only help us as a destination as well. So I think that there are many win/win scenarios from this project," Searly said.

The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre will also feature two 3D cinemas, an art gallery, a nightclub, three courtyards with restaurants and bars, and will look to host music, arts, fashion and food festivals and events.

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