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Tourism Ministry working at diversifying Barbados holidays sector

  • 12-Aug-10 09:28
  • Barbados
  • Caribbean PR Travel News

The Barbados Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, spoke to residents this week at a town hall meeting about the importance of encouraging travellers on Barbados holidays to visit sites around the island which are relevant to the former slavery trade.

Tourism Ministry working at diversifying Barbados holidays sector

At a town hall meeting this week Richard Sealy, Barbados' Minister of Tourism, addressed Barbados residents about the importance of encouraging tourists to the island to partake in activities away from the beaches and visit areas which are related to former slavery as take part in community projects.

The new Barbados Slave Route Project, "Freedom Footprints, the Barbados Story", will see sites across the Caribbean island which are related to Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the slavery experience being visited by visitors on Barbados holidays so that they understand the history of the island.

Mr. Sealy explained: "The days of when someone is going to come to Barbados and simply leave with a tan earned from [being] on the sand and having had a dip in the sea to feel good- those days are over. People are looking for more than that. And, I think, therefore, that it is important that in spite of all of those good things...that we recognise that we are still developing a project that needs to be economically viable, be attractive, appealing and without offending the spirit of those souls that we are building this project on."

Local residents and travellers enjoying holidays in Barbados will visit areas including the Gun Hill Signal Station and Sweet Vale in St. George; the Newton burial ground at Newton Plantation and Bournes Land in Christ Church; and the Cage in Heroes Square.
Mr Sealy described the new venture as a "a wonderful... and a necessary project" and will allow Barbados to offer diversity to tourists on Barbados holidays and will enable them to "to have newer and different experiences ... that don't necessarily offend the environment".

Mr Sealy emphasised the advantages that the project would have on the Caribbean island and explained that it would be inexpensive, intellectually and spiritually uplifting, community-focused and environmentally-friendly.

The project, which is being developed by the Barbados Museum the Historical Society and the Ministry of Tourism, will help boost the island's tourism industry and will benefit Barbados hotels and local businesses as travellers will be exploring different parts of the island away from the popular tourist areas.

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