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Cuba holidays for the plantation lovers, intactly preserved

  • 12-Jul-10 17:12
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Cuba proudly preserves one-of-a-kind coffee plantations from the 19th century, adding much historical and cultural value to holidays in Pinar del Rio, Cuba's most eastern city with a wealth of tobacco and coffee plantations.

Cuba holidays for the plantation lovers, intactly preserved

For fascinating Cuba holidays exploring the island's wild and historical countryside might give visitors a taste of the country's rich plantation past and present. As testimony of an agricultural culture almost inexistent in other places of the world, the magnificently preserved ruins of Cuba's coffee plantations set by French immigrants in the early 19th century, add great historical value to the beauty of the Rosario Range, in the western territory of Pinar del Rio.

As fugitives running to the island after the events of the Haitian Revolution, the Europeans fostered the growing of coffee in the mountains of the south-eastern region, 31,69 miles from the capital of Havana.

Curious travellers wanting to get a taste of its history during Cuba holidays will be able to do so by staying at the conveniently situated resort nearby as some of these plantations are located close to the Las Terrazas tourist resort.

After several centuries, remains of the coffee plantations are still preserved there, where visitors marvel at the high specialisation level they were designed in. Along with vestiges of the original structure of the fields, these once-magnificent plantations stand as mute witnesses of different agroindustrial techniques and samples of an architecture style similar to that incinerated by the Europeans before leaving Haiti.

Original elements of houses, plantations, trails, coffee pulping machines and dryers can be found hrere, since it is an ongoing concern and effort for specialists to preserve that part of the Antillean history, which in this case rises among clouds in an amazingly beautiful space.

In this amazing region Cuba holidays are nothing short of awe-inspiring; the Buena Vista plantation rises some 787,40 feet over the sea level with road access to its location and stands as one of the best panoramic viewpoints of the Cuban west.

It is worth stressing that the prosperity achieved by the French encouraged those plantations in the mountains of Pinar del Rio, where some 60 estates of the time have been identified belonging to rich Cubans, Spanish and English.

The experts prioritise the study and restoration process, while make reference to other signs of French influence in constructions of Pinar del Rio city, as well as the tradition of gardening and the good taste for the fine arts.

In addition to the coffee plantations located in the Biosphere Reserve of the Rosario Range, those on Cuba holidays still hungry for more platation-style journeys have plenty of exploring to do in other areas as the country accounts with other 191 plantations created by the immigration flow in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo, the latter with 32 estates recognised as the sixth Cuban point registered by the UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

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