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Costa Rica resort becomes second hotel in the world to achieve Luxury Eco Certification

Highly praised and distinguished as one of Costa Rica's most eco-friendly luxury resorts, the green Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Arenal has recently become the second hotel in the world to receive the much-coveted Luxury Eco Certification Standard.

Costa Rica resort becomes second hotel in the world to achieve Luxury Eco Certification

The Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Arenal, Costa Rica firmly stands out as one of Costa Rica holidays' most precious assets after having achieved the Luxury Eco Certification Standard (LECS), becoming the first luxury hotel in that country and the second luxury hotel in the world to pass the intensive desk audit and on-site inspections required for certification. The innovative program, developed by The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. in partnership with Sustainable Travel International, awards LECS based on high marks in policy and documentation, energy conservation, water conservation, recycling and community. Tabacon was certified 100% carbon neutral in May 2009.

Commenting on the unique kind of eco-responsible Costa Rica holidays Tabacon offered, Sustainable Travel International president Brian T. Mullis stated, “By achieving the Luxury Eco Certification Standard, Tabacon has demonstrated its superiority not only in quality and service but also in the resort’s commitment to safeguarding the natural and cultural heritage of our planet for future generations.”

Also the recipient of certification for Sustainable Tourism from the Costa Rican Tourism Board, Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort prides itself on its leadership role in sustainability efforts, protection of the environment, and community involvement in sustainable efforts in the Northern region of Costa Rica. As the country gears up to become the world’s first carbon-neutral country by 2021, Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort has introduced its own far-reaching sustainability program, Tabacon Green, to further environmental awareness and allow guests to contribute in a meaningful and memorable way.

Through the ground-breaking Tabacon Green program and the training and commitment of its staff, the Green Brigade, Tabacon’s own green initiatives are supplemented by a guest participation program planting trees to minimize the carbon footprint of arrivals by car or bus, with more than 3000 trees planted thus far. Over 50% of the more than 872 acres total land owned by Tabacon is under protection as primary or secondary rainforest. The resort also supports the local community through resort and guest contributions to the local community development fund, and promotion of local products and handcrafts in its shops.

Guests and employees are encouraged to recycle paper, plastic, aluminium and glass by utilizing provided receptacles. Tabacon also integrates a program of information, education and motivation towards both guests and employees concerning environmental and cultural conservation and preservation. Of key eco-importance are Tabacon’s two underground reservoirs that provide the entirety of the resort’s water and are naturally heated by the nearby active Arenal Volcano, eliminating the need for external energy sources. The Hotel and Grand Spa also reduce water consumption with low-flow showers and installed automatic closings of sanitary services. With its own wastewater treatment plant, Tabacon processes all of its refuse waters and supplies organic waste to local farmers for use with livestock. The resort also emphasizes mindful use of electricity through set procedures and the use of eco-friendly technologies including fluorescent lighting, photo voltaic cells in gardens and paths, and lighting timers. Products purchased for resort maintenance and guest consumption are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable.

While offering both a luxurious and natural experience, Tabacon’s Grand Spa was designed to put nature at centre stage with a spectacular setting among natural thermal mineral waters and near an active volcano. Resort activities similarly focus on the naturally lush and diverse setting around Arenal with wildlife tours along the river, rainforest and waterfall hikes, white water rafting, canyoning, and sky treks.

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