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Caribbean holidays could be put on hold for football fans until World Cup is over

The approaching FIFA World Cup is causing mixed feelings within the travel industry as tourists put Caribbean holidays on hold so they can watch the action from UK pubs, whilst others are booking holiday especially for the sporting event.

Caribbean holidays could be put on hold for football fans until World Cup is over

As the FIFA World Cup event quickly approaches, many travellers are putting their plans of going away on hold until the big event is over so that they can enjoy the action within their local pubs, living rooms, and outdoors areas on large TV screens.

This time of year is usually particularly popular with tourists going on European and Caribbean holidays but the timing of the sporting event has meant that many tourists have decided to wait until the World Cup is over before they head off into the sun. Because of this there may be a considerable gap in tourists travelling during the event which could be bad news for travel companies, hotels and airlines.

Media Manager of, Ian Raine, says:

"The problem is, unlike most summers it's really difficult to predict demand this year. If they're unlucky the travel industry could end up with a glut of bookings at either end of the Cup but not much during it. There could be a huge and sudden surge in demand for low cost last minute holidays if England falls at the first hurdle. Or everyone might feel so depressed if England are sent home early that we all stay home. We just don't know."

For many others, the World Cup is the perfect excuse to book package holidays to destinations including Tenerife and Sharm el Sheikh so they can enjoy the live footage in comfort and guaranteed sunshine. Whilst Caribbean holidays are often a firm favourite for UK travellers because of the stunning scenery, tranquil environment, endless watersports activities and luxury accommodation, many tourists are putting these breaks on hold so that they can enjoy a more football enthused environment.

However, many Caribbean hotels and resorts are showing the action live on TV screens in lounges and bars and some are even creating a British Pub atmosphere for their UK guests.

Tenerife is set to see a high number of football enthusiasts over the next few weeks as most of the visitors to the island are usually from the UK or Germany. The island is said to already be gearing itself up for the arrival of sporting fans and nearly all of the bars will be showing the games live on large TV screens.

Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt is reported to be a favourite destination for football lovers during the World Cup. With a range of luxury accommodation as well as close proximity to some of the world's best diving spots, the less enthusiastic football guests will be able to enjoy a range of activities, pampering and shopping while partners and friends soak up the football fever.

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