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Promoting Barbados holidays in Brazil with best of Barbados culture

  • 27-Apr-10 08:30
  • Barbados
  • Caribbean Travel News

A new painting reflecting the best of Barbados' culture will be soon gracing the walls of Barbados' new embassy in Brasilia, Brazil. The gift came from Barbadian artist and Honorary Consul of Portugal to Barbados, Catherine Forter Chee-a-Tow.

Promoting Barbados holidays in Brazil with best of Barbados culture

Another small step signalling a big achievement for the Barbados holiday industry has been taken as the Caribbean island opened its new embassy in Brazil. Helping to bring awareness of Barbados holidays to the Brazilian market, in conjunction with the new embassy opening a gift from Portugal portraying the vibrancy of the country and the richness of its culture was hanged on the new premises.

"Bridgetown Market", the title of a painting by Artist and Honorary Consul of Portugal to Barbados, Catherine Forter Chee-a-Tow will be gracing the walls of Barbados' new Embassy in Brazil, as a gift that reflects the best of Barbados holidays and beautifully represents the country's rich culture.

Artist and Honorary Consul of Portugal to Barbados, Catherine Forter Chee-a-Tow presented her gift to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Maxine McClean during a brief ceremony that took place yesterday morning. Commenting on her piece of art and how it would help give viewers a true picture of what Barbados holidays were all about she said that "she understood the importance of our country's presence overseas and strived to increase art's dynamic role in promoting Barbados' culture abroad."

Senator McClean in turn praised the magnificent piece and maintained it depicted a "wonderful piece of old Barbadiana", something the artist was quite familiar with.

"This painting not only captured activity, it also captured the entrepreneurial spirit of Barbados and Barbadians. And I believe, especially in these times when we are encouraging such a spirit of entrepreneurship, it reminds us of the importance of that...

"In terms of our initiatives in Brazil - entrepreneurship, business and commercial activity are important. And from a cultural standpoint as well, we need to encourage our young Barbadians to see art and things related to art as an important endeavour from the point of view of cultural expression," she said expressing her opinion.

Chee-a-Tow added that by partnering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the permanent placement into the new Embassy, in Brasilia, Brazil, the "Bridgetown Market", would encourage cross-cultural understanding within the diplomatic community and of course among the international public who would get a clear picture of the many great aspects of Barbados holidays all rolled into one single and beautiful painting.

"I extend best wishes to our first Ambassador to Brazil, Yvette Goddard, and hope that "Bridgetown Market" assists her silently, by visually sharing with the people of Brazil, the most important aspect of our culture - our people" - she said on a final note.

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