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Cuba hotel welcomes Cuban Art Exposition by Fidel Castro's son

A new exhibition of the latest collection of work by Cuban photographer and leader of the revolution's son Alex Castro is currently being displayed at Havana's Oasis Panorama hotel. The collection of photographs will be exhibited until 21st March 2010

Cuba hotel welcomes Cuban Art Exposition by Fidel Castro's son
As part of a new exhibition by Cuban photographer and son of Fidel Castro, Alex Castro and part of a project that the Oasis Panorama Hotel has begun to develop for the promotion of Cuba holidays’ blended with the island’s contemporary plastic arts, Alex Castro decorated suite 1004 with a selection of seascapes photographed by him and reflected on canvas.
The photographer’s exhibition called Arte y Moda (Art and Fashion) took place this time at Havana’s Oasis Panorama Hotel. Inaugurated on 22nd January the presentation of his work will remain opened to the public until 21st March for all citizens and visitors to see during their Cuba holidays at this Havana hotel.
This year the artist has already presented exhibitions such as 83 Motivos (83 Reasons), on the occasion of his father’s birthday, Revolution leader Fidel Castro, and Cuatro pinceles y un lente (Four brushes and a lens), with special emphasis in seascapes, which were all on display at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the Montehabana Apartment Hotel, respectively, giving the opportunity to locals and tourists on Cuba holidays at the hotel to enjoy the display.
Now, this time around Alex proposes an idea that emerged a few years ago as a tribute to the 95th anniversary of the founding of Havana’s Museum of Fine Arts.
Taking a selection of 20 of the pieces exhibited there, corresponding to celebrated Cuban painters (all of them deceased), Alex invited the same amount of designers so each of them poured the feelings the painting he selected transmitted to him into the into the world of fashion. In this way he would create fashionable Cuba holidays at the Oasis Panorama hotel.
This process was followed by the selection of 20 models to defend the designs and make a brief representation on the runway of what creators wanted to express. Then, the photographic exhibition to the public was prepared, being now open to the public, no matter in which of Cuba hotels you’re staying the Oasis Panorama welcomes all visitors to the exhibit.
This photographic collection has the peculiarity of being divided in twos: one painting with the photo of the design, and a smaller one with the original work to facilitate its identification. In his images, the artist inserts models in the classic paintings, wearing the outfits prepared by designers.
This Havana hotel has already entrusted other artists from the country with the task of decorating the rest of the rooms in that floor, each of whom, in turn, will give a name to the room they will ornament, making for artistically perfect Cuba holidays in an exceptional artsy Havana hotel.
This idea is also aimed at continuing the artistic line that the hotel has maintained since it first opened, which occupies an avant-garde position in the promotion of blending Cuba holidays with Cuban art.
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