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Fun Carnival Tobago holidays with first ever Dive festival

  • 28-Jan-10 17:46
  • Tobago
  • Holiday Industry

This year Tobago will also be celebrating the carnival season taking place at its sister island of Trinidad. The famous Trinidad Carnival is a classic example of Caribbean charm but this time it will be Tobago who will do the first ever dive festival!

Fun Carnival Tobago holidays with first ever Dive festival

Tobago holidays are about to get more interesting than ever as the carnival season arrives to its sister island of Trinidad, being home to the world famous cultural explosion that is a classic example of old-world Caribbean charm! Only that this year the Tobagonian party will be a little different as this time around they celebrate beneath the sea with the first ever dive festival!

The Themed Underwater Carnival event is designed to showcase the Tobago holiday destination’s rich and diverse eco-system and the explosion of marine life that those on Tobago holidays can find off the island’s shores.

Hosted by the Tobago House of Assembly Tourism Division (THA), the Association of Tobago Dive Operators and with the support of the Tourism Development Company (TDC), the week-long event is scheduled to take place from June 11-18, 2010.

“This is the first event of its kind on the island and we hope that dive enthusiasts and lovers of the sea will travel to Tobago to enjoy all the events we have scheduled. Trinidad is known for its annual celebration of life, Carnival, and our goal is to put the spotlight on Tobago ’s amazing undersea world and one-of-a-kind aquatic offerings.” – were the words of Warren Solomon, director of tourism for the THA.

For great Tobago holidays filled with action-packed fun there will be a wide selection of scheduled activities with the festival providing both experienced and amateur divers the opportunity to fine-tune their skills while exploring the enchanting world beneath its aquamarine and cobalt blue waters.

Key events include: an amateur underwater photography competition with cameras supplied by Sealife—a leading manufacturer of underwater cameras and accessories for marine photography; dive and photography seminars hosted in part by Dive Training, Scuba Diving and Sport Diver magazines; dive and snorkel gear demonstrations for both adults and kids with equipment supplied by Scubapro—a premier producer of scuba diving equipment; Discover Scuba for kids and the Rogest Kids Gallery, a two-day aquatic art workshop for children between the ages of six and eleven, hosted by renowned Canadian artist, Ron Steven.

During the festival, Sealife, a leading manufacturer of underwater cameras and accessories for aquatic photography, will provide marine shutter-bugs with free product samples to use on dives as well as tips on taking photos and techniques to review and edit images. In addition, Scubapro, a premier producer of scuba diving equipment and a proud member of the Johnson Outdoors Inc. family of companies, will provide festival participants with the opportunity to tryout snorkel and dive equipment throughout the weeklong event.

Tobago holidays at the island’s rich coast can be a very enriching experience indeed as its waters are a haven for tarpons, turtles, sharks and even the occasional manta ray due to the slow flow of the Guyana current that moves up the eastern coast of South America and washes the southern and eastern shores of Tobago. Divers and underwater photographers will have the opportunity to see more than 400 species of fish and marine creatures in the island’s waters. In addition, the destination is home to the world’s largest recorded brain coral, spanning over 20 feet wide, off the coast of Speyside.

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