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Caribbean holidays and Global Warming

New dramatic projections for global warming have raised fears due to its severe near future consequences for the lowest lying areas of the world, amongst which the Caribbean will be one of the most affected areas.

Caribbean holidays and Global Warming
Caribbean holidays are at a higher risk from global warming, revealed the results from computer modelling used by the British Met Office released at a Conference in Oxford. The report suggested that a potentially devastating rise of up to 4C in the global temperature could happen sooner than expected during this century, within the lifetimes of many people alive.
The worrying news come shortly after the disappointment of the Copenhagen Summit, where no formal agreements were made by the world’s leading countries, which ironically have the biggest footprints of gas and carbon emissions.
According to Dr Richard Betts “"our best guess is that a four-degree increase would take place in the 2070s. But a plausible worst case scenario is that we could get it by 2060."
Such a temperature rise would increase the chances of significant sea level rises, affecting in particular Caribbean holidays and Indian Ocean low-lying islands such as Maldives holidays.
But other Caribbean travel destinations are in more imminent danger. And because of this Bahamas holidays, Guyana holidays, Belize holidays, Jamaica holidays and Suriname holidays, could soon be a thing of the past as these are said to be the most vulnerable countries to a one metre increase. In Guyana for example, about 90 per cent of the population lives on the coastal belt which is 1.4 metres below sea level.
"The crux of the sea level issue is that the sea starts rising very slowly," - Professor Rahmstorf told the BBC. - "But once it starts, it is virtually unstoppable. Our best hope is that the rate of acceleration slows down. But that’s not very reassuring."
This is why out of worrying concern the leaders of the world's small island states are demanding that a new international climate change agreement guarantees their countries' livelihood to keep by ensuring that global warming be kept below 1.5 centigrade.
Grenada's Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, who is chairman of the Association of Small Island States (AOSIS), said that urgent action was needed.
"Small island developing state survival is time bound. Any agreement beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius will seriously threaten our survival."
However, Professor Rahmstorf pointed out that "even with a 1.5 degree temperature increase, it is very likely we could easily get a two-metre sea level rise over the coming centuries." – a very worrying outcome that could wipe out a lot of Caribbean land.
Scientists at the Oxford conference warned that rising sea levels could cause some small island states like Tuvalu and the Maldives to eventually become "virtual" or "ghost" states as a way of surviving the disappearance of their land, which in turn means that Maldives holidays or Grenada holidays might be a thing of the past that future generations will only read about in books.
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