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Cuba holidays for the Arts Collector with 8th Havana Auction

  • 19-Nov-09 18:01
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Last week a major art auction took place at Havana's National hotel while many other street venues celebrated the 8th edition of Havana Auction by displaying original paintings and quality replicas of famous Cuban artists

Cuba holidays for the Arts Collector with 8th Havana Auction

Art lovers on Cuba holidays last week were treated to a unique and exclusive exhibition that not only took place at the official auctioning site in the Nacional hotel, but that continued across many Havana streets, art shops and workshops.

This year’s 8th edition of Havana Auction (Subasta Habana) didn’t come down to exclusive commercial purposes as it provided some pleasant surprises, present not only at the place where the official main auction took place, bur rather all around the capital.

For the first time in Havana Auction’s 8-year-old history, 25 lots of decorative arts were up for auction, which were made up of different objects and signatures recognised in the market of this specialty and which were exhibited in the Sancti Spíritus hall of Cuba's Hotel Nacional. The 45 lots of Cuban art brought together 35 artists of different generations in expressions of painting, sculpture, drawing and photography.

Standing out on this occasion was the presence of artists from the Cuban avant-garde style such as Mariano Rodríguez, René Portocarrero, Víctor Manuel, José M. Mijares and Mario Carreño, the latter achieving great results in recent international auctions for the prices of his works. “Televisión aerials” (1950), in oil on manzonite, authenticated by his widow Ida González de Carreño, figures among the lots that are offered in Havana.

Another revelation of this bid is the debut in auctions by essential creators of national plastic arts such as Esteban Chartrand (19th century),Loló Soldevilla and Teodoro Ramos Blanco. Contemporary art was represented with pieces by Roberto Fabelo, Yoan Capote, Roberto Diago, Manuel Mendive, Moisés Finalé, Carlos Quintana, Esterio Segura, René Peña, Adonis Flores, Cirenaica Moreira, among others. A special section is dedicated to a small group of artists from the decade of the 1980s, in which is included Juan Francisco Elso Padilla, Tomas Esson, Leandro Soto, Segundo Planes and Humberto Castro.

And for those on Cuba holidays who didn’t budget to splash big cash on artworks the streets offered much affordable replicas and originals by local artists. All commercial galleries of the capital arranged in their spaces works selected according to the importance of this program. The annual meeting of Havana Auction, organised with collectors, artists, dealers and admirers of national plastic artists, is also a meeting with Cuban art and its protagonists.

The five days auction festival presented a meticulous and attractive selection of works from the avant-garde to the contemporary period and culminated with the usual vocal Auction that took place on on November 11th, 2009

Furthermore, The Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods presented, in its own spaces Collage Habana, Orígenes, 23 y 12 and Galería Galiano, an important selection of contemporary artists from the capital and from other provinces.

The Genesis company was also showing in the downtown La Acacia gallery an important selection of avant-garde and academy works in the exposition Laderas. La Casona, as the core promoter of the most contemporary Cuban art, exhibits throughout their spaces a selection of planimetric and tridimensional works called Cronos. Standing out were photographic works,made from the decade of the 1980s up to the present time.

And last but not least, the Servando gallery was the only place reserved for an individual exhibition and welcomed the well-known Cuban creator Raúl Cordero. The exhibition, entitled Hendrikje, displayed his most recent work for the viewing pleasure of many art lovers lucky enough to be enjoying Cuba holidays at the time.

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