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Cuba holidays Remarkable for Heritage Preservation

  • 16-Nov-09 17:17
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

As one of the Cuban representatives before the ICOMOS committee pointed out during a lecture given at the 4th Workshop of Cuban Cities, Cuba is a pioneer in the challenges facing the Caribbean to protect its built and natural heritage.

Cuba holidays Remarkable for Heritage Preservation

Cuba holidays have long enjoyed the privileges of being home to well-preserved historic sites and natural areas as well as protected beaches and parks with four of the country’s cities having been officially named World Heritage Sites.

Like some other Caribbean holiday destinations, Cuba has a long history of outstanding work in preserving the old sites coming from colonial times and maintaining its old age glamour and colourful charm.

UNESCO has declared a total of 19 sites in the Caribbean as World Heritage, 9 of which are located in Cuba.

When speaking about the challenges of Caribbean holidays on the issue of preservation Dr. Isabel Rigol highlighted the many factors hindering the adequate protection of the Caribbean region’s heritage, both built and natural.

The Cuban representative before the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), lectured about the many ecological issues and climate changes coming ahead and how they would affect the preservation of Caribbean holidays at their purest and most authentic.

Her speech opened the Fourth Workshop of Cuban Cities registered in the list of World Heritage and organised by the Conservation Office of Havana, which opened last May 2009 and is located 150 miles southeast of Havana.

The exclusive selection of areas to be preserved for the most original of Cuba holidays experiences include the historical centre of Cienfuegos, the old colonial towns of Old Havana, Trinidad (centre) and Camaguey (central east).

Also in the list are the Morro fortress of Santiago de Cuba, the cultural landscape of the Viñales Valley (west) and the natural parks Alexander Humboldt and Granma Landing in the eastern part of the island.

But these special areas do not sum up all Cuba holidays have to offer in terms of cities offering an authentic Cuban experience and feel. There are many more sites with the potential of being recognised in this category by the cultural institution of the United Nations system, said the Cuban academic specialist who cited the example of the wooden architecture of Trinidad and Tobago holidays. The fact of not taking into account these current cultural realities which form part of the Cuba holidays package and constitute an important cultural addition and contribution to holidays here, the lack of institutions capable of defending them and systematisations in national and local policies, conspire against the exaltation of those sites to become World Heritage, she further explained.

She went on to add a fact that applies to most other Caribbean holidays destinations: “The truth is that most countries of the American Mediterranean lack sufficient competence for a comprehensive handling of its heritage areas” she affirmed.

Such evidence has made UNESCO design the Program of Building Capacity for Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Caribbean, for the preservation of Caribbean holidays and which already has a regional office in Havana.

Natural events are among the most significant and unavoidable dangers threatening Cuba holidays and Caribbean holidays in general, due to the devastation caused by hurricanes and the issue of climate change affecting severely the nations of the Caribbean Basin.

About Cienfuegos, declared as such in the South African meeting in Durban four years ago, the Architecture professor Rigol highlighted it is a unique city in the Caribbean holidays Basin distinctive because of its modern urban conception.

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