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Hurricane Ida causes little disturbance to Cancun holidays but devastates Nicaragua

After slowing down its pace and losing strength to become a tropical storm, Hurricane Ida may have overlooked Cancun and the Yucatan peninsula but was merciless when passing through Nicaragua where dozens of lives have been lost

Hurricane Ida causes little disturbance to Cancun holidays but devastates Nicaragua

Now having gone down in strength to become a tropical storm, Hurricane Ida managed to narrowly miss Cancun’s shoreline last Sunday, but wreaked havoc in Nicaragua where as many as 130 lives have been reported as lost after the passing of the storm yesterday.

Cancun’s beaches were empty by Saturday as rain began pelting down and unconcerned tourists walked along the streets under umbrellas or improvised ponchos while many other expectant travellers on Cancun holidays remained alert about the passing of Ida and some were even excited with the prospect of witnessing this natural phenomenon.

``We're not too worried. I'll get some good pictures,'' said a 30-year-old photographer from Seattle, as he arrived to Cancun holidays to celebrate his one-year anniversary with his 29-year-old wife.

Mexico is no stranger to the destruction hurricanes leave behind as many of its beachfront Cancun hotels have badly suffered the consequences with the hurricanes in recent years having swallowed up much of the area’s famed beach.

But it was not to be this time around, as Ida barely brushed along Cancun’s shoreline, passing miles offshore and sending little else apart from some mild winds and heavy showers. Much to the delight of many on Cancun holidays and the disappointment of a few who wanted to capture the event with stormy holiday snapshots, Hurricane Ida was soon safely out of Cancun’s way but heading dangerously towards Nicaragua, where it gained strengthened unleashing devastation, chaos, panic and the loss of as many as 130 lives according to the latest death toll released.

Yesterday 9th November, Hurricane Ida caused extensive flooding and mudslides as it passed through El Salvador, Nicaragua, leaving a trail of death and destruction on its way. Rivers burst their banks and hillsides collapsed under rains triggered by Ida's passage, cutting off parts of the mountainous interior from the rest of the nation.

Playa Las Hojas in the department of La Paz, close to the capital city of San Salvador was badly hit with homes near the beach completely destroyed as a side of the Chinchontepec volcano collapsed on the town of Verapaz, burying houses and entire families under a torrent of mud and rocks.

Devastating as the hurricane was in Nicaragua, shortly after passing through El Salvador it lost its pace and strength to become a milder category 2 hurricane heading now for the southern U.S states between Louisiana and Florida where it is expected to keep losing strength before it completely disappears.

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