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Significant drop in visitors taking Cyprus holidays

  • 14-Sep-09 13:26
  • Cyprus
  • Holiday Industry

The latest holiday destination to be affected by the global recession, Cyprus tourism suffered a 10.9% drop in visitors. Comparing figures of August 08 and August 09 (usually the peak month) there was a difference of 36,517 less visitors this year.

Significant drop in visitors taking Cyprus holidays

Cyprus is the latest tourist destination to be affected by the recession with after recent official figures showed a 10.9 percent drop in tourist numbers, despite recent reports that the economic crisis is nearing an end.

Fewer tourists took Cyprus holidays during the first eight months of 2009 with August – usually the peak month for visitors - being the main month affected by the poor numbers. August 2008 saw 328,100 visitors taking holidays in Cyprus but August 2009 saw a significant drop with just 291.583 arrivals to the region.

With tourism contributing to 12 percent of Cyprus's GDP, the government made attempts to encourage Cyprus residents to take holidays on their own island this year rather than going abroad and offered subsidised hotel and accommodation rates. The Mediterranean island saw a 31.9 percent drop in Russian visitors taking Cyprus holidays, and an 11.5 percent decrease in British tourists who are the region's largest holiday market.

The majority of visitors usually taking Cyprus holidays each year come from the recession-affected European Union countries and hotel bookings on the island were said to be down by 20 percent. Compared to last year's figures with 1.66 million visitors taking Cyprus holidays between the months of January and August, the same period during 2009 saw just 1.47 million visitors.

The Cypriot government have calculated that the overall drop in tourism and visitors taking holidays to Cyprus will 10 percent by the end of the year. Despite the overall disappointing numbers, visitor numbers from Norway were up 15.8 percent and visitors from Germany were up by 2.3 percent.

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