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Discover Oman

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Discover Oman - is a 9 day self-drive tour across Oman, which will without any doubts amaze you and leave you with unforgettable memories.

  • Explore The Wahiba Sands njoy the ride through the famous Wahiba Sands, which is still home to the Nazaris and Jenebhas, Bedouin tribes whose legendary hospitality is known far beyond Oman's borders
  • Visit one of the biggest mosques in the world Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque was build for the 25th anniversary of his accession and displays impressive art work and a 14 m long Swarovski chandelier
  • Witness the Green Sea Turtles Visit the turtle reserve in Ras Al Jinz to witness the Green Sea Turtles coming onto the shore to lay their eggs during the night

DAY 1 Welcome to Oman

Once arrived to Oman, your personal chauffer will drive you to Ramada Hotel, where you will stay for 2 nights and explore different parts of the city of Muscat.

DAY 2 Explore the wonderful Muscat

Start the day with a visit of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, from there you will be taken to the Al Alam Palace.

After this you will get the chance to visit the oldest and largest market in Oman - "Corniche to Muttrah souk". Walk through its narrow alleys and get the chance to buy your Omani souvenirs like pottery, paintings, shisha pipes and much more.

Stay Overnight at Ramada Hotel

DAY 3 Coastal Road en route sightseeing towards Sur

Start your adventure in Quriyat, a large fishing village which occupies a narrow strip of coastline along the Arabian Gulf.

Follow the trail, transformed into a panoramic road, touching the sea from time to time and overlooking magnificent white beaches. It will take you past Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi and Sur, which was once an important hub for trading with India and China.

Arrive at Ras Al Hadd in the afternoon and visit the turtle reserve in Ras Al Jinz to witness the Green Sea Turtles coming onto shore to lay their eggs during the night.

Stay Overnight at Turtle Beach Resort

DAY 4 Invading Wahiba Sands, the most stunning desert

Begin your day with a drive towards the Sharqiyah region. You reach Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, with one of the oldest mosques- the Al Hamoda Mosque. On the way to Wahiba Sands you spent some time in the Wadi Bani Khalid, pass through Ain Hamouda, Ain Al Sarooj and Ain Dawwa as you venture along the valley.

Your final destination will be the Wahiba, beautiful desert with the red sands.

Stay Overnight at 1000 Nights Camp

DAY 5 From the Omani desert to its fascinating mountains

Today you will drive towards the old city of Ibra where on Wednesday mornings the only market in Oman where merchants and clients are women takes place.
Men are "banned" from the scene and meet at a nearby coffee shop to enjoy a chat.

On the way you would have the chance to visit the wonderful place - Birkat Al Mauz, deserted ruined village surrounded by plantations and Aflaj, the ancient irrigation system. The water canals in this area are a UNESCO world heritage site.

Finally, you will arrive to Jebel Al Akhdar, plantations growing apricots, pomegranates, peaches, grapes, almonds, walnuts and of course the roses that are the base of the popular Omani rose water. In spring, when the roses bloom, the visit of a rosewater factory is a special experience.

Stay Overnight at Time Reversal Spa

DAY 6 Jebel Akdhdar mountains

Continue your journey to the 'Diana Point' vista. Visit some beautiful traditional villages on your way while driving to the Wadi Bani Habib.
Drive back your way down toward Nizwa, capital until 1783 and one of the oldest cities in Oman.

Stay Overnight at Nizwa Hotel Apartments

Day 7 Nizwa "City of Oasis" and most beautiful forts of Oman

Today you can explore Nizwa and all of its beautiful landmarks. One of the highlights of this little city is the cattle market, usually held on Fridays.

After visiting Nizwa, you will explore the Jabrin Castle and Bahla castle built by the Yaruba Dynasty.

Next stop is Al Hamra - an old village, restored by the government to depict how Oman's population lived in previous centuries.

Stay Overnight at Jebel Shams Resort

DAY 8 Misfat Al Arbiyeen, Bilad Sayt, Nakhal, Muscat

We start today's trip by visiting the Misfath Al Arbiyeen, a mountain village built of dressed stone. It is one Oman's finest medieval settlements and has not lost any of its nativeness during the centuries.

Deep in Oman's countryside are many villages that still retain their traditional charm and sense of rural solitude. Perhaps the most appealing of these is Bilad Sayt, a tranquil mountain hamlet tucked away in the protective embrace of Al Rostaq's rugged hills.

After covering almost all the important destinations in Oman you will drive back to Ramada Hotel, Muscat.

Stay Overnight at Ramada Hotel

Day 9 Ma Salaama!

Today it is time to say goodbye to a fantastic journey with exciting experiences, colourful impressions and new friendships.
Enjoy your last day in Muscat before your private chauffeur picks you up for final departure...

Check out time is 12:00 noon, you are certainly more than welcome to use all the facilities and store your luggage until your departure. For further information please contact front desk.

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Discover Oman

discover oman
  • Day 1Welcome to Muscat
  • Day 2Your Day to Explore the Magnifique Muscat
  • Day 3Coastal Road Enroute Sightseeing Towards Sur
  • Day 4Invading Wahiba Sands, the Most Stunning Desert!
  • Day 5From the Omani Desert to It's Fascinating Mountains
  • Day 6Jebel Akdhdar Mountains
  • Day 7Nizwa "City of Oasis" and Most Beautiful Forts of Oman
  • Day 8Misfat Al Arbiyeen, Bilad Sayt, Nakhal, Muscat
  • Day 9Ma Salaama

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