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Highlights of Yucatan

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Enjoy an authentic tour in the fantastic, unique country of Mexico where there is loads history and traditions to discover sure to provide memories to last a lifetime. This tour is ideal for those who search for places with a profound culture, historic legacy, colonial monuments, world class museums and archaeological sites.

  • Enjoy a tour full of highlights This amazing tour is full of highlights including a visit to Chichen Itza to see the most impressive pyramid of all the Maya World
  • Travel in comfort on this fantastic holiday During the tour you will be travelling in comfort in an air conditioned vehicle
  • Unique and Authentic Tour Enjoy an authentic tour in the fantastic, unique country of Mexico where there is loads history and traditions to discover

Day 1: Arrival in Cancun.

Welcome and transfer to Cancun downtown hotel. Overnight.

Day 2. Cancun – Tulum – Chetumal

On your first day, we start your expedition to The Mayan World, driving to reach the Magic archaeological Site of Tulum, a walled sacred City of the Mayan Post Classic Period. Tulum stands on a Cliff facing the rising sun, with outstanding views of the Caribbean. With over 20 Buildings, you will be able to observe the Stalls on the monuments, with the graphic legacy of the stage of the Mayan Culture in that Period; you will also see the First Castle on your Route dedicated to Kukulcan, the God of Gods of the Mayas. Tulum was a major link in the Maya extensive trade network, both maritime and land routes converged here. Tulum will be your first Caribbean Beach to enjoy the white sand and the crystal clear water of the Ocean. During the afternoon, another two hour transit through the Tropical Vegetation, to reach your overnight destination. Chetumal, with a large Bay, is the outlet of the Hondo River, the natural frontier between Mexico and Belize. Chetumal is a fairly large and modern city, the capital of the State of Quintana Roo. Overnight in Chetumal.

Day 3. Chetumal – Kohunlich – Palenque 

Departure to Kohunlich which is renowned for its Temple of the Masks. Kohunlich has an Early Classic pyramid which central stairway is flanked by large stucco masks. The temple was built around 500 A.D. Later around 700 A.D., the temple was over covered with a Terminal Classic construction, which protected the masks and accounts for their excellent preservation today. The giant masks represent the Sun God "Kinich Ahau" however they differ in appearance so it is thought that they also represent the various rulers of Kohunlich. The name Kohunlich comes from two English words " Cohune" (a palm tree native to Belize) and " Ridge " for " Cohune Ridge " or " The ridge where the cohune palm grows ". This archaeological site is surrounded by huge trees. The main buildings you will see on this site are The Acropolis, Temple of the King, The Stands, Temple of the Stalls and Temple of The Twin Columns, Building of The Eleven Doors, The Ball Court and The Pyramid of the Masks. In the afternoon, we will continue towards our overnight in Palenque.

Day 4. Palenque – Welib Há – Palenque

In the morning, we will visit the archaeological site of Palenque. This ancient Mayan City reached its peak from the sixth to the eighth centuries A.D. Palenque, is a more rigidly conservative architecture compared to other Classic Maya sites. Still Palenque is one of the most enigmatical Sites and has held its secrets for over twelve hundred years. The setting is nestled against the mountain wall, surrounded by flourishing vegetation deep in the rain forest. You will see endless levels of Maya man-made terraces, bearing uncounted structures, most of which appear to have been mausoleums. You will find a marked contrast between Palenque and other Classic Maya sites. The most outstanding buildings are: The Temple of the Inscriptions, a majestic pyramid with a secret crypt; The Fabulous Royal Pakal Tomb; with an exquisitely engraved monolithic sarcophagus; The Palace with a four story high square tower, probably used as an astronomical observatory; The Temples of the Cross, The Temples of The Jaguar and The Temple of The Sun. Palenque added additional roof toppings to its buildings producing an extra height, compared to other Classic Buildings. Continue to Welib Ha waterfalls. After the visit we will return to Palenque for overnight.

Day 5. Palenque – Campeche

We will undertake a transit along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico until reach Campeche. Campeche used to be the main town of the Mayan province of Ah Kim Pech, which means "Serpent Tick" and was founded around the 3rd century AD. The City of Campeche was one of the Head Quarters of the Spanish Conquerors that established their reign over the big Mayan Civilization settled all along the Yucatan Peninsula and way down it to Central America. The First Spaniard soldiers got to Campeche in the year 1517 and although were defeated on the first intent, stayed anyway and took over this Mayan Provincial Capital, proceeding with its colonization. In the Mid 16th Century, Campeche had become an important port with an already established wall around the City in order to prevent a further defeat. Later it prevented attacks from Pirates that would move in from the Caribbean. UNESCO has awarded recognition to The City of Campeche for its beautiful colonial architecture and restoration of its facades. Overnight in Campeche.

Day 6. Campeche – Kabah – Uxmal – Mérida

Departure to Kabah. Kabah is known as the second largest religious center in The Puuc Route Area, which flourished around the year 800 AD. It is connected with Uxmal by a sacbe which begins right in the Arch, a kind of main door to the city. Kabah has Classic Style Architecture and its main attractions are the Palace of the masks with over 300 representations, mainly dedicated to Chaac, God of the Rain and the “Pirámide de los Mascarones” also including masks and Stalls. We then continue to Uxmal which means "Three times constructed"; the architecture of Uxmal is among the most majestic in Yucatan. Its beauty is characterized by low and horizontal palaces placed around patios and quadrants richly decorated with detailed sculptures. Uxmal, enveloped by legends and myths is situated within a series of hills known as the Pucc or the mountainous area of the Yucatan. Continue to Merida the Capital of the State of Yucatan. Merida has preserved its Colonial Heritage in the Historic District of the Town. It is the Center of the State and all the roads converge at the State Capital. Merida’s Central Square or “Plaza Grande” is surrounded by ancient buildings that form the Historic District such as The San Idelfonso Cathedral of Merida, the most antique church of the American Continent, built in the second half of the XVIth Century. Merida’s Cathedral has one of the biggest interior Statues of Christ in the World. Merida was founded on January 6, 1542 on the indigenous trace of Ichcaanzihó's City, called also T'hó. City tour during the afternoo. Overnight in Merida.

Day 7. Mérida – Chichén Itzá – Valladolid

Today we will depart to Chichén Itzá the Mayan Post Classic Sacred City, which represents the most intact and impressive of the Ruins of the Mayan Civilization that the modern world preserves. "The Mouth of the Well". Chichen Itza has a huge “Cenote” a big pond nourished by underground rivers which supplied clean water to the complex. Chichen Itza, as other Mayan Centers was originally a ceremonial and spiritual site, instead of a commercial area. Has maybe the most impressive Pyramid of all the Maya World. The Castle with 4 staircases (One for each season of the Year) with 91 steps each, totaling 365 with the top platform. The orientation of the pyramid is such that for about an hour around 4 o'clock during the spring and fall equinoxes (March 21 & September 21), the shadow of north-west edge of the pyramid on the side of the north stairway, draws seven triangles of light that imitates a serpent creeping downwards until it joins the huge serpent's head at the bottom of the stairway. This was a Religious message telling the people its time to seed the land or it is time to harvest with the Blessing of Kukulkan. At Chichen Itza, you will see an Astrological Observatory with a Design similar to others built in the Modern Age. There are many more Buildings such as The Temple of the Warriors, part of the "Thousand Columns Complex", the Temple of the Jaguars, the Ball Court, the biggest in Mezzo America. Chichen Itza was voted One of the Modern Seven Wonders of the World. After a visit of almost 2 hours, we will drive onto Valladolid. Overnight in Valladolid.

Day 8. Valladolid – Cobá – Riviera Maya/ Cancun

On our last day we will visit the Mayan ruins at Cobá are unique in that only a few of its estimated 6,500 structures have been uncovered, but the ones that have been are graceful and impressive. On these quiet and peaceful grounds it´s hard to imagine that Cobá may have once had the largest population of all the ancient Mayan cities. This vast Mayan archeological site dates from 600-900 A.D. and there were an estimated 100,000 people living in its domain. It was the heart of a large metropolis composed of many cities within the eastern Yucatan. Much can be learned about the ancient Maya in the architecture of Coba's pyramids and buildings situated on the shores of several lakes. As many as fifty sacbes (ancient roads) led into this huge Mayan city center, one of them over 62 miles long -- the longest in the Mayan world. Today few people live in Cobá, leaving one to ponder how such a great city fell into complete decline. The steepness of the Nohoch Mul pyramid (the tallest in the Yucatan at over 126 feet) and the building techniques employed here are characteristic of the Petan region of Guatemala. There are stories that indicate a ruling queen here married a priest from Tikal, which has the tallest Mayan pyramid. This may be why the architecture of the two sites is similar. After the visit we will continue to your final destination: Riviera Maya or Cancun.

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 Day 1 to 8

Highlights of Yucatan

highlights of yucatan
  • Day 1Arrival in Cancun
  • Day 2Cancun - Tulum - Chetumal
  • Day 3Chetumal - Kohunlich - Palenque
  • Day 4Palenque - Welib Ha - Palenque
  • Day 5Palenque - Campeche
  • Day 6Campeche - Kabah - Uxmal - Merida
  • Day 7Merida - Chichen Itza - Valladolid
  • Day 8Valladolid - Coba - Riviera Maya/ Cancun

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