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Havana to Holguin Adventure

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  • Bask upon the stunning beach of Playa Larga Take time out to be you and soak up the sun, or perhaps enjoy some diving.
  • Discover the historical cities of Havana Trinidad, Camagüey, Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba and Holguín Marvel at the architectural wonders and lively charm for which Cuba is so famous for.
  • The self-drive concept See the sights at your own pace. Enjoy flexibility and a personalised schedule that suits you and your needs and tastes.


Take an 11 day, self-drive adventure through Cuba and discover the stunning charm of the historical cities of Havana Trinidad, Camagüey, Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba and Holguín. Along the way, you will have time to bask upon the stunning beach of Playa Larga, but also to marvel at the sheer magnificence of the Sierra Maestra Mountains.



• Havana
• Playa Larga
• Trinidad
• Camagüey 
• Bayamo
• Santiago de Cuba
• Holguín



Day 1 -Havana 
Welcome to Cuba! You will arrive at the international airport in Havana where we can arrange to have a car waiting for you to take you to Hotel Comodoro (or similar). 

Day 2 - Havana 
After breakfast, Pick up Rental Car. But you must not forget to take time to experience the wonders of Havana. Stroll through Havana's colourful streets, bursting with grand architecture, classic American cars from the 50s, and the rhythm of salsa and cha cha cha. Spend the night at Hotel Comodoro (or similar). 

Day 3 – Havana - Playa Larga 
After breakfast, drive to Playa Larga. This beach has historical importance as it was one of the two beaches invaded by US-backed exiles in 1961 during an attempt to overthrow the country's leader, Fidel Castro. Now it is a paradise for divers. Try scuba diving or simply bask in the sun. Spend the night at a Casa Particular.

Day 4- Playa Larga - Trinidad 
Drive to Trinidad. Trinidad’s old town is wonderful to explore on foot since there are no cars - it's a pedestrian only area. Trinidad is known for its brightly coloured houses and timeless neighbourhoods. Enjoy cobbled streets and colonial mansions built upon the former riches of the sugar trade and relish the timeless and charming buzz of trotting horses, and bicycles. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, this is truly a fascinating place to explore. Perhaps even explore stunning botanical gardens. Spend the night at a Casa Particular.

Day 5- Trinidad - Camagüey 
Drive to Camagüey. Walk around the beautiful preserved old town and discover one of Camaguey's highlights: big clay jugs decorating gates all around the city. Stroll down narrow winding alleys and discover hidden plazas, dotted with baroque and catholic churches, galleries and charming bars. Spend the night at Hotel Camino de Hierro (or similar). 

Day 6 – Camagüey - Bayamo 
After breakfast, drive to Bayamo. Bayamo is the capital city of Granma Province of Cuba. Bayamo is the birthplace of the revolution and predates both Havana and Santiago. Soak up the easy-going, slow-paced, trapped-in-time atmosphere and enjoy the plentiful sights of horses, chess players and colourful vibrancy. Spend the night at Hotel Royalton (or similar). 

Day 7 – Bayamo - Santiago de Cuba 
After breakfast, drive to Santiago de Cuba. This drive will take you past the Sierra Maestra Mountains, infamous for their rugged terrain, bushy woods, hilly landscape and thriving wilderness as well as the backdrop of some of Cuba’s most important historical stories. Eventually you will reach Santiago de Cuba, also known as the second capital of Cuba. This vibrant colonial city is beautiful and exciting. This pulsating city is famous for literature, music and Afro-Caribbean culture. We recommend that you visit the famous Castillo El Morro, an immense 16th-century citadel, the remarkable cemetery Santa Ifigenia, and the Moncada Museum, one of the best museums in the country. Spend the night at a Casa Particular.

Day 8 - Santiago de Cuba - Holguín 
Drive to Holguín, known as the ‘city of parks’ with its many central squares, teeming with authentic bars and restaurants devoid of the tourism focus that is prevalent elsewhere in Cuba. Return your rental car and head to Holguín airport, for a domestic flight to Havana. You will spend the night at The Comodoro Hotel in Havana.

Day 9 – Havana
Spend the day as you please. You will spend the night at The Comodoro Hotel in Havana.

Day 10 – Havana
Spend the day as you please. You will spend the night at The Comodoro Hotel in Havana.

Day 11 – Havana
We can drive you to Havana airport if you would like or you can arrange your own transportation. Alternatively, we would be delighted to help you extend your stay in Cuba and book a few more nights for you with one of our add-ons if you're still not quite ready to head home. See you next time!


Please call us for tours that depart before NOV 2017 as the itinerary may vary slightly.
Please note that this tour is not suitable for those with walking difficulties.


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 Day 1 to 11

Havana to Holguin Adventure

havana to holguin adventure
  • Day 1Havana
  • Day 2Havana
  • Day 3Havana - Playa Larga
  • Day 4Playa Larga - Trinidad
  • Day 5Trinidad - Camagüey
  • Day 6Camagüey - Bayamo
  • Day 7Bayamo - Santiago De Cuba
  • Day 8Santiago De Cuba - Holguín
  • Day 9Havana
  • Day 10Havana
  • Day 11Havana - UK

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