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Star Clipper Asia - Phuket to Phuket Southern Route

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With its rich and vibrant culture, picture perfect beaches and tropical islands, it is no wonder that tourists flock to the exciting destination of Thailand. For something a little bit special, take to the seas for an adventure you’re sure to remember, aboard the elegant Star Clipper. Effortlessly combining modern cruising with the charm of a bygone era of sailing, the Star Clipper offers a luxury experience for all it guests whilst exploring an array of tropical gems along Thailand’s blissful coastline.

  • Diver’s paradise Explore some of Thailand’s world class diving spots including the Similan islands and Koh Rok Nok
  • Discover some of Thailand’s hidden gems Venture out and explore picture perfect islands unspoilt by the crowds as well as the vibrant destination of Penang in Malaysia
  • Luxury yet intimate cruising experience Set sail and enjoy a unique experience aboard the Star Clipper with its cosy yet luxury appeal

From the world class diving sights in the Similan Islands through to the awe-inspiring rock formations in Phang Nga Bay as well as the chance to explore the melting pot of cultures that is Penang in Malaysia, guests are guaranteed an experience they will never forget.


Phuket - Patong Bay, Thailand (Depart at 22:00 on Saturday)
Named ‘The Pearl of the Andaman’, golden sandy beaches and lush green views fill the landscapes gently disappearing into the tropical waters of the warm Andaman. Thailand’s largest island offers something for everyone from the lively beachfront in Patong through to the rich jungle’s just waiting to be explored in the heart of the island. 

Ko Butang or Ko Adang, Thailand (Arrive noon and depart 18:00 on Sunday)
Imagine a deserted island paradise and you’ll come close to the beautiful islands of Koh Butang and Koh Adang. Close to the tropical island of Langkawi in Malaysia, these islands offer idyllic beaches to laze on as well as turquoise seas ideal for snorkelling or diving in.

Penang, Malaysia (Arrive 8:00 and depart 19:30 on Monday)
A unique mix of cultures from East and West, Penang offers an exciting and vibrant stop with something for everyone ranging from the rich heritage to explore in George Town through to postcard worthy beaches to soak in the sunshine on.

Ko Adang – Butang Group, Thailand (Arrive 10:00 and depart 18:00 on Tuesday)
A set of stunning tropical islands near to the Malaysian border, the Butang Group offer picturesque beaches and lush tropical jungles whilst staying off the traditional tourist route meaning you can enjoy the tranquillity and unspoilt beauty.

Ko Rok Nok, Thailand (Arrive 08:00 and depart 13:00 on Wednesday)
One of 15 island that make up a part of the Mu Ko Lanta National Marine Park, they offer you another chance to enjoy some world-class diving.

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand (Arrive 09:30 and depart 11:30 on Thursday)
Return to mainland Thailand and discover the famous, awe-inspiring limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay. Offering stunning landscapes famous to the area as well as stretches of white sandy beaches and colourful reefs ideal for exploring.

Ko Hong, Thailand (Arrive 12:00 and depart 17:30 on Thursday)
Just off the coastline, discover Ko Hong’s stunning internal lagoon and picturesque landscapes of monolithic rocks and steep cliffs rising out across the island.

Similan Island, Thailand (Arrive 09:30 and 18:00 on Friday) 
To the South of Ko Surin, you’ll discover the idyllic Similan Islands. A true slice of paradise, these tropical islands also offer world-class diving as well as golden beaches and lush landscapes.

End in Patong Bay, Phuket (Arrive 05:30 on Saturday)

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 Day 1 to 9

Star Clipper Asia - Phuket to Phuket Southern Route

star clipper asia - phuket to phuket southern route
  • Day 1Phuket - Patong Bay, Thailand
  • Day 2Ko Butang Or Ko Adang, Thailand
  • Day 3Penang, Malaysia
  • Day 4Ko Adang – Butang Group, Thailand
  • Day 5Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
  • Day 6Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
  • Day 7Ko Hong, Thailand
  • Day 8Similan Island, Thailand
  • Day 9End in Patong Bay, Phuket

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