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Aria Resort and Casino

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Restaurants and Bars

ARIA’s collection of dining options, led by some of the world’s most inspired and creative chefs, is the perfect complement to the astonishing rhythm of Vegas. Guests can savour speciality cuisine from around the world - from Australian beef seered over apricot wood to mouthwatering seafood and Japanese specialities, and not forgetting great 'all American fare'. The range of restaurants cafes and bars include:

The Buffet - The Buffet at ARIA focuses on offering a wide selection of dishes from around the world, and ensuring that they are of the highest quality and truly authentic. Using a mix of individual portions and home-style casserole dishes, this is s Las Vegas restaurant  not to be missed.

American Fish - this is Michael Mina’s fifth restaurant in Las Vegas. Rustic cooking methods from across the country draw on authentic regional products from the nation’s great waterways and woodlands, with freshness and seasonality. Each dish is prepared in one of four signature cooking methods never previously considered in Las Vegas restaurants: salt baking, wood grilling, cast-iron griddling and ocean-water poaching to create another memorable dining experience.

bar Masa - a unique Japanese experience in Aria. barMASA at ARIA brings Chef Masa Takayama’s personal quest of carrying simplicity to its next level of purity to the Las Vegas restaurant scene. Clean, simple and uncomplicated, the food at barMASA is prepared with a technique that allows the inherent flavor of each ingredient to emerge undisguised. Essential to this process are freshness and seasonality, as exemplified by barMASA’s practice of using fish that have been out of Japan’s coastal waters for no more than 24 hours.

Blossom - from classic to cutting edge, Blossom delivers the triumphs of Chinese cuisine through a 10-dish lineup that spans every preference. The meticulously researched menu offers the best of China’s culinary wisdom tailored for both the Western palate as well as authentic dishes that bring the dishes of Beijing and Hong Kong to the Las Vegas restaurant scene. Live seafood is held in four different on-site tanks, and the art of tableside prep brings a touch of festivity to a number of Blossom’s gourmet selections. Chef Chi Kwun Choi’s passionate pursuit of creative fare has earned him the exclusive Epicurean Award for Best Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Cafe Vettro - The largest 24-hour café and restaurant in Las Vegas, Vettro prepares favorite dishes in a casual and contemporary environment. Garden areas and natural elements provide relaxing dining settings, while terraced seating and floor-to-ceiling windows allow for stunning views at any hour.

Five50 - this casual pizza bar is scheduled to open in summer 2013 and is so named because 550 degrees is the ideal temperature to cook a pizza to perfection.

 Javier's - Javier's delivers a rich heritage of authentic Mexican cuisine along with hand-shaken margaritas and a high-energy ambiance to Las Vegas. Baja specials including selections of seafood, beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian dishes, both at the exquisite bar surrounded by dozens of the world's finest tequilas and in the main dining room, where guests will see a chainsaw wood carving highlighting the Aztec civilization.  

Jean Georges Steakhouse - award winning Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, pushes the boundaries of traditional steakhouse and Las Vegas restaurant expectations with this Jean Georges Steakhouse. Under his expert guidance, the highest-quality meats and seafood from around the world are cooked to perfection with flavor-releasing techniques and a signature Vongerichten jolt via unexpected sauces and side dishes.

jean philippe patisserie - The menu at Jean Philippe Patisserie includes freshly-made crepes, gourmet sandwiches and salads, along with exquisite pastries, bonbons and truffles.

julian serano - Julian Serrano stretches the boundaries of small plates, with delectable interpretations of his native Spanish fare. This Las Vegas restaurant, with its overwhelming menu options is so much more than a tapas bar.

Lemon Grass  - Lemongrass is the first and only Thai restaurant in a Las Vegas resort on The Strip. Serving a modern interpretation of Thai cuisine, Lemongrass specializes in a wide variety of authentic fare filled with robust flavor.

Roasted Bean - Roasted Bean serves perfectly-roasted coffee and delectable treats, for those guests looking for an on-the-go bite. Light fare like cold sandwiches and delicious pastries are at your fingertips.

Sage - Sage focuses on contemporary American cuisine spiced with global influences in a sophisticated, yet comfortable atmosphere. Critically acclaimed Chef Shawn McClain combines farm-to-table produce, artisanal meats and sustainable seafood that make each dish mouth-watering.

Sirio - At Sirio Ristorante, traditional and contemporary Italian dishes fuse to bring sumptuous flavors to an entirely new level. All dishes are inspired by the Tuscan standards of famed restaurateur Sirio Maccioni's youth. With its Fellini-esque décor, an emphasis on hospitality and one of the most impressive selections of Italian vintage wines found in a Las Vegas restaurant, Sirio Ristorante brings old-time Italy to you.

tetsu - Tetsu is an intimate and interactive dining experience, offering guests the first taste of  award-winning chef Chef Masa’s passion for fine Japanese grilling. Located inside Masa's famed sushi restaurant, barMASA, this exclusive venue features four VIP and two larger communal teppan grill tables.  Highly skilled chefs oversee the evening's culinary entertainment - prepping, cooking and plating orders specific to each guest's request. A produce table serves as the room’s centerpiece, displaying the finest quality meats, seafood and vegetables.


Leisure Facilities and Amenities

  • 3 ellipse-shaped swimming pools
  • 3 hot tubs
  • Extensive terrace with cabanas and sun loungers with umbrellas
  • Lifeguards on duty
  • Poolside food and drinks at Breeze cafe and Pool Bar
  • The Spa Salon offers a soothing retreat, where guests can indulge in world-class treatments from a team of specialists
  •  Golf - exclusive access to Shadow Creek, a legendary course where you have limousine transfers and a personal caddie
  • A selection of shops, including men and women's clothing, accessories, jewellery, souvenirs and art
  • A Casino floor offering a range gambling options including slots. The newest video reels and old favourites on a relaxed casino floor that combines modern sophistication with exceptional guest service.
  • Haze Nightclub - Arias flagship nightclub
  • Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge - a perfect place to sample exotic cocktails





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