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Accommodation types available in Kandooma Maldives - With the exception of the garden villas, all the accommodation has been built around the edge of or o­n the water. Each villa type has been designed with cool clean lines with white washed timber providing warm texture to the unshod foot. Large picture windows mean that you are o­nly a glance away from the great blue outdoors. The resort has 160 villas in four main categories of beach and garden villas, Duplex villas, family villas and water villas.

Kandooma Maldives Beach Villas - Like all accommodation types available in Kandooma Maldives, the semi-detached beach villas come with large picture windows that positively invite the outdoors inside. Whitewashed floor boards evoke a sense of fresh coolness, yet feel warm and textured to bare feet. Luxury comes from light summer duvets and generously proportioned bath towels. Flat screen televisions, a place to plug in your mp3/iPod, indoor out-door showers and wifi broadband are our standard, in addition to all the other usual amenities you would expect of a world class lifestyle resort. The beach villas are 36 square meters in size.

Kandooma Maldives Duplex Villas - The sea-facing duplex villas offer the luxury of space. Located at the water’s edge, the villas present a striking mix of natural elements and modern design. Bedrooms located at the first floor level and so enjoy views of the sea. The living area underneath the bedroom is furnished with designer seating laid out o­n a carpet of fine white sand. The duplex villas are 72 square meters in size, with 36 square meters o­n each level.

Kandooma Maldives Family Villas - As the name suggests, are ideal for families or a small group of divers, and are the size of two duplex villas together. They offer sleeping space upstairs as well as living and dining below.

Kandooma Maldives Water Villas - Water villas offer the ultimate in the Kandooma Maldives experience. Hovering above coral and marine life in the shallow clear waters, guests will enjoy their time o­n their private sundeck, dangling their feet in the water, or at high tide, relaxing in a partially submerged hammock. Expansive living space is complemented by a large open bathroom which offers an outdoor shower and bathtub and views of the water. The water villas are 65 square meters in size.

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