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Bandos Island Resort

4 stars


Accommodation at Bandos
Bandos offers you a wide choide of accommodations, however, comfort, luxury and convenience are the hallmarks of all the 225 rooms.

From the ultra-exclusive and luxurious Water Villas, to the Jacuzzi Beach Villas with their beach-hut inspired design and en suite Jacuzzi, or the Garden Villas designed to cater for those who wish to remain in close proximity to nature, the accommodation options at Bandos very clearly reflect the diverse tastes and requirements of the clientele. In a similar vein, the simple elegance of the deluxe and standard rooms are for those who simply seek to experience the Bandos way of life.

Standard Rooms
The Standard Rooms at Bandos, with their simplistic elegance, quite strongly reflect all that is good about Bandos; the unyielding attitude towards settlying for anything less than the highest quality and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

Deluxe Rooms
The Deluxe Rooms at Bandos are spacious and inviting, while offering a wide range of amenities. The rooms are designed in such a manner that both the living and bedroom areas are topped off by unique thatches high ceilings.

Garden Villas
The Garden Villas with their neatly trimmed hedges and flower gardens are designed for those who want to while away their vacation in the elegance of a carefully tended garden environment. Located in the middle of the island, near the swimming pool facilities, these wooden chalets are elegantly furnished and come with their own private patio.

Jacuzzi Beach Villas
Set on a strip of white sandy beach overlooking a crystal-clear lagoon blessed with abundant sunshine and tropical flora of unspeakable beauty, the Jacuzzi Beach Villas at Bandos will singularly make your stay on Bandos a most memorable occasion.
Fashioned as a duplex, the living and bedroom facilities boast the amenities necessary for your comfort and satisfaction. The balcony provides a pleasent view of the beach front, while the gentle rumble of the surf is constantly soothing. In the seclusion of your Beach Villa, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, is the open-air Jacuzzi with its thatched roof shade designed for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Water Villa
The Water Villa, the elite package, features unique decor and breathtaking views of the ocean and beach, giving you the feelings that your villa is floating on the ocean. It offers luxury and tranquility with full privacy and services exclusive to the villa. The living quarters come fully furnished with modern amenities, while the defining feature of the bedroom is the ornate four-poster bed whose elegance is certainly worthy of royalty. The ultra-luxurious and roomy Jacuzzi, set amongst the lush tropical indoor plants and imported river pebbles, affords one an uninterrupted view of the ocean and the unending horizon.
At Bandos Water Villas, one can simply while away many a moment on such simple pleasures as enjoying the sunset, a romantic soak with a loved one, or as they in these isles, mastering the art of doing nothing.

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