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Movenpick MS Sunray

5 stars


Restaurants & Bars

  • Main Restaurant - The Main Restaurant serves sumptuous buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is spacious enough to sit all passengers comfortably, in one sitting. This elegant dining room serves culinary delights, both local and international, and all made from the freshest ingredients. Guests can choose from an array of local and imported wines, spirits and liqueurs.
  • Lounge Bar  - Luxurious Lounge Bar is a perfect spot for afternoon tea, evening cocktails and a late night drink. It has ample seating for guests to enjoy a private chat or to mix with new friends on board. It is also the venue for entertainment and dancing.
  • Sun deck Bar - Perfect location for a relaxing drink or light snack, whilst marvelling at the passing sights, or to simply enjoy the fresh air as the Nile meanders by. There is a covered area for those who prefer to sit in the shade.

Facilities & Entertainment

  • Swimming pool with recreational area
  • Sun loungers
  • Variety of shops 
  • Mini Gym
  • Library and reading room 
  • Playroom
  • Swiss quality service




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