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Le Domaine De L'orangerie

4.0 stars

la digue island, seychelles

Sitting like a glistening gem at the heart of the Seychelles archipelago in the deserted island of la Digue, Le Domaine de l'Orangerie is a cosy and ultra-intimate, romantic getaway. Offering a unique world in which to escape from the daily stresses of busy life, this boutique hotel charms travellers with its local architecture, its invigorating tropical setting and the warmth of its woods, combined in a pure 'zen' style that harmoniously blends with the landscape to celebrate the "home away from home" feeling for couples and families.

Boasting an enchanting collection of 45 villas intimately nestled amidst a ballet of birds and surrounded by an exuberant tropical garden, this exceptional little hotel captures the true essence of La Digue's exotic lifestyle in a fantasy place where every moment of day and night will be an inspiring experience. Fusing elegance, warm hospitality, verdant nature and rich heritage, Le Domaine de l' Orangerie offers the ultimate combination for the ultimate holiday destination for sheer peace and rejuvenation at one of the world's most beautifully uninhabited islands in the Seychelles.

  • H Le Domaine De L'orangerie

    Hotel in La Digue Island resort

  • A Seychelles Intl

    Airport in Mahe city

£1549 per person

Price for 5 nights, 2 Adults flying 18 March 2019 from Birmingham with Emirates
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Departing 18 March 2019
Staying for 5 nights
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Price for 5 nights, 2 Adults flying 18 March 2019 from Birmingham with Emirates

Seychelles, Figures and Facts

Climate (Tropical)

Consistently warm and sunny throughout every season, the beautiful year-long weather in the Seychelles is certainly one of its draws. Clear skies and balmy temperatures are to be expected virtually every day with opposing trade winds being the only thing that affects the weather. While northwest trade winds bring a hotter and wetter climate from October to April, south-easterly winds bring windier and drier conditions from May to September.

Average °C 282828282929272627272828
Minimum °C 252525252526252424252525
Maximum °C 303031313231292829293030
Sunshine (hours) 888888877888
Rain (cm) 273918161815141011151320
Average Rainfall Days 242315171821212221221919

Useful information

  • Time Difference

    GMT +4 hours

  • Language


  • Currency

    Seychelles Rupee (SDR)

  • Local laws & customs

    Due to local customs and etiquette rules some countries observe a strict dress code. This is especially true for most Muslim countries. Please show respect for local customs and dress accordingly so as not to offend locals or attract unwanted attention.
    Some countries also have strict custom laws on what items you can import and export. Always check with the local tourist board before travelling.

  • Health requirements

    Be aware that prior to visiting some countries you may need to get specific immunisation against some diseases. Consult your local GP and check with the FCO website to find out if you will need any vaccinations before travelling. Also, to ensure your health is covered while you’re away it might be worth investing in some health insurance. In some countries this is a strict requirement.

  • Visa/Documentation

    Some countries require specific permits or visas to allow entry. Please ensure your passport is up to date in advance and check the FCO website for more detailed information.

  • Best time to travel

    May to September - March to May and September to November (for optimum scuba diving conditions),

  • Tipping

    10% in bars, restaurants and taxis

  • Calls

    To call Seychelles from the UK dial 00
    To call the UK from Seychelles dial 44 followed by your phone number

  • Electricity

    Electricity in Seychelles is 240 volts / 50Hz. Most common socket / plugs are type G