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Discover Historical British India Unearthing Some of the Finest Landmarks in India Left from the British Reign

4.0 stars

new delhi, india

The Experience

The British Raj in India was an extraordinary and unique phenomenon, both historically and in terms of its physical legacy. British India was initially a trading enterprise, with treaties willingly entered into by local rulers.

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Why we love this holiday £600 off
  • This intriguing tour takes you through various parts of the country showing you the magnificent legacy the British left behind
  • Experience a beautiful morning and evening boat ride that allows to see India from a unique view point
  • The itinerary is full of magical monuments for you to explore including the Taj Mahal and an operational Spice Plantation along with much more
Selected dates between 21-Oct-2018 and 31-Oct-2019; Based on a 20 night stay leaving from Heathrow

 Included flights

 UK Departure

  • Departs: london
  • Arrives: delhi, India

 Return Flight

  • Departs: delhi, India
  • Arrives: london
 Day 2 to 21

Discover Historical British India

4 stars
  • As Per Itinerary
  • As Per Itinerary
  • Take part in an interesting tour
  • Savour magical experiences
  • The itinerary is full of monuments to witness


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Special Offer £600 off Oct 21 2018 - Oct 31 2019
Price for 20 nights, 2 Adults flying 12 March 2019 from Heathrow with Oman Air
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Price for 20 nights, 2 Adults flying 12 March 2019 from Heathrow with Oman Air